Up in Their Business: The Live-Tweet Break Up That’s Gone Viral

It is common knowledge that some places are idyllic for a break up, such as restaurants, quiet coffee shops, parks, or the privacy of your own apartment. One thing is certain – an airplane isn’t one of these places. Not everyone would agree with this convention, though, and when that happens it can get amusing for some people, and sad for others. Breakups are hard enough as they are, so why make them even more complicated? When this boyfriend decided to end his relationship during a flight, a passenger witnessing the drama decided to go live with it, and posted a live video documenting their breakup, along with commentary. This video, naturally, became viral.


It started with an argument

All you want during a flight is to enjoy some peace and quiet, watch a movie, read a book or just get some sleep. Unfortunately, sleep was the last thing passenger Kelly Keegs could expect in her flight.

Passengers noticed that a couple on the plane was arguing, but at this point it didn’t seem too unusual, a conversation that got a bit too loud. When the woman began to sob, Kelly and other passengers realized something was happening there.

Drama ensues

The passengers soon realized they were witnessing a breakup, and a nasty one for that matter. This man couldn’t have picked a worse time to end things with his girlfriend. One woman decided to get some entertainment out of this unusual situation, and went live with a video of the break up.

Soon enough the argument was followed by shrieks, shouts and sobs. Unfortunately for the couple, they had to sit next to each other for the rest of the flight. This wasn’t good news for the rest of the passengers, either.

A private show

The man, though, didn’t seem to acknowledge where they were, or else he didn’t care. He said what he had to say to his (now ex) girlfriend, and he didn’t mind the fact that he was causing a scene.

He was asking her personal questions, talking openly about their relationship. According to Keegs, who were sharing a seat with the couple, the man was completely dismissive of the woman’s feelings and reactions.

Taking her side

While some people are annoyed by this scene the couple created, others were intrigued by it, and felt as if they were watching a real-life drama, better than any movie suggestions the plane offers.

They were moistly sympathetic with the girl, as it seemed her partner was breaking up with her to her complete surprise. From her reaction, it seemed as if she had no idea this was coming.

Out of control

That’s when the girl decided she shouldn’t take this. He was completely inconsiderate of her feelings, humiliating her in front of a plane full of people, so why shouldn’t she play along?

She decided to give him her piece of her mind. As Kelly Keegs posted, the girl accused her boyfriend – “why do I deserve this?” saying this was no time or place to bring this up.

“Don’t bring this up”

The passengers were getting only bits of information, and they were curious as to the whole story behind this public break up. What can be so bad to make someone break up with his girlfriend during a plane ride?

The girl was trying to get her boyfriend to stop talking, saying, “you don’t have to bring this up.” As Keegs posted, the girl was saying she didn’t want to be this girl, she wanted to be the best possible version of herself, if he would let her.

Who are the others?

According to the reports of Kelly Keegs, now the girl was the one talking, and the man was listening to her. Gripping the attention of all the passengers, the girl asked him if she was “just like the others.”  Who are these others and what did she mean by that?

The passengers, who were already sympathetic towards the girl, were now siding with her even more. She asked, “are you phasing me out like you did with the others?” This didn’t depict the gut in the best light.

Unfair treatment

The man, on his side, seemed to be completely indifferent to her statements and accusations, which led the crowd to believe they were true, and he simply didn’t have any way to refute it.

The fight didn’t end there. the man’s indifference to her shouting was only making the girl more upset, and Kelly Keegs as well as the other passengers were getting more intrigued.

Fighting back

The girl was now getting more dramatic than the guy, and it seemed like his indifferent response to her accusations made her even more upset than the break up. How could he be so calm about this?

That’s when she started to open up about their relationship, accusing him of hating certain features and habits she had. It now seems as if the guy was now starting to be aware they had a crowd, and wanted to put an end to the conversation. Unfortunately for him, it was too late.

Trying to calm down

He soon learned that you can’t drop a bomb like that on someone and expect it to end just like that. The girl was not about to let him off the hook so easily.

The only thing he said to her, trying to put an end to this drama, was “you need to calm down.” Of course, “calm down” are the too most annoying words in any language, particularly for people who need to calm down.


The girl in response said she believed this relationship was going somewhere. The last thing she wanted was to calm down, but say what was on her heart and get a genuine, respectful response.

As if the situation wasn’t bad enough as it is, the man never offered any kind words, sympathy or support to the woman he had just broken up with. As she poured her heart out, he continued to sit there in silence.

New information

When it seemed like this one-sided conversation was going nowhere, as the man refused to cooperate, the name Charlotte was mentioned. According to Keegs’ report, the woman said she was going to ask Charlotte what was really going on.

The passengers’ curiosity was again stirred. Who is Charlotte and what is her connection to this? Just then, after the Charlotte comment, the couple hugged, and the two were friendlier than ever.

Plot twist

This was a real plot twist for the passengers, who now felt like they were watching an actual movie. It seemed like this didn’t make any sense, and no one could understand what was going on.

Just like that, with one kiss, the fight was over. The couple now acted as if nothing had happened, and the winds calmed.

What’s going on?

The passengers, who were now dedicated to the story and serious as to what had happened, didn’t appreciate this questionable make up. A lot of emotions were revealed and accusations made, so what had changed suddenly?

They wondered whether the couple would stay together after the flight, and would they share a cab hone together or go their separate ways?

Confusing moments

The passengers, who were now dedicated to the story and serious as to what had happened, didn’t appreciate this questionable make up. A lot of emotions were revealed and accusations made, so what had changed suddenly?

They wondered whether the couple would stay together after the flight, and would they share a cab hone together or go their separate ways?

Keeping them updated

The live video and updates Kelly Keegs posted on social media throughout the entire flight were getting a lot of comments and attention.

This was no different from any good story on social media. People watching at home couldn’t believe this conversation was taking place on a place in front of an audience.

Going Viral

The comments on social media were controversial.  Many people complained that Kelly Keegs had no right to post this private conversation, while others argued that the moment the couple decided to have this fight on a plane, a public place, it was no longer personal.

Others weren’t interested whether or not Keegs did the right thing posting it, they were just happy she did, as it gave them some entertainment to pass the time.

Immoral or amusing?

This turned into a heated argument, almost as the one Keegs witnessed on the place. The groups accusing her of breaking their privacy accused the others of being selfish and immoral, while they were accused of being righteous.

It was just a bit of humor, they argued. each group stood up to their beliefs, and didn’t let the accusations of the other group get to them. All the while, Keegs was flooded with notifications.

If they were celebrities

As the discussion was getting more heated between the two groups, and the controversy worsened, someone brought up an interesting point, saying if the couple were celebrities, no one would claim it was an immoral breaching of their privacy.

We are so used to seeing paparazzi photos or hearing gossip about celebrity, that we don’t see a moral issue with that anymore. What’s the difference, really, between celebrities and average people?

Making mistakes

According to the passengers, during the flight the couple ordered quite a number of drinks from the flight attendants. Naturally, this didn’t help to calm their nerves, but it seems as if it only encouraged their anger.

The entire flight was only fifty minutes, less than an hour, but judging by the drama and emotions stirred through it, you could have thought it was hours of fighting and making up.

Is this an act?

Some passengers also claimed that the couple seemed and acted as if they were drinking before they boarded the plane.

The passengers were confused, since now the girl was sobbing again, and the gut was trying to get the attention of two flight attendants.

Authentic entertainment

While the situation was probably a nightmare for the couple, the other passengers were making the best out of it and trying to enjoy the show.

The comedy of this scene, detected by some of the passengers, is familiar from the classic sitcom Seifeld. The show portrayed a scene almost identical to this one, where Elaine and her boyfriend loudly break up during a flight, make up and break up again, with a lot of crying and yelling involved.

What would you do?

Can you imagine being on a plane ride like this? Crying babies are common enough on plane, but crying girlfriends? That was a first for many of the passengers.

Some even suspected this whole thing was scripted, and that after leaving the plane the couple would laugh at their successful performance.

An open ending

At the end, the passengers never learned what really happened there. that’s how the flight ended, with the girl quietly sobbing after what seemed like they made up.

The biggest mystery, however, remains why did the guy decide to end his relationship then and there? couldn’t he wait these fifty minutes and break up with her in the airport? Even that would’ve been better.

The moral of the story

Apparently, Kelly Keegs isn’t the first to do something like this, and posting lives updates about your seatmates during a flight are more common that you thought.

People get bored during flights and like to share on social media stuff their neighbors do that they find amusing. So next time you’re on a place and thinking of doing something strange, think twice.