Why Olamide’s Rants Against Don Jazzy Should Not Be Taken Seriously

Olamide disrespected virtually every person there including a senator of the state of Nigeria. The moment he flipped the mic to the floor and pouring the drink he had. Then vandalism attached to his name afterwards. Someone need to correct the kid. Because you have money does not give you the right to disrespect people in that regard. If Olamide feels that the award was a fix, he should have returned the three award he got instantly.

If the organizers can not rob your three award, why will they rob you of the Kish award. The world is now online frequency. One can quite agree with me that MAVIN RECORDS have the strongest online fan base as group and as such had more followers to vote them to the award Personally I think Kish should be mad with his CEO that can not build a strong online fan base to get him an award. Speaking of beat and production.

How in you widest mind do you think don jazzy will produce for all the act at the same time Him be machine? No producer does it alone at least not in the level don jazzy is now considering number of music he dishes out in a year. Olamide also forgot that don jazzy did a beat for jayz, Beyoncé and Kanye west. Maybe don jazzy maids when to US and cooked the beat too?No matter how we want to see it.

If he (Don Jazzy) can deliver a group now sitting on top of Nigeria music industry within two years after two years of D’banj saga. D’banj left and others too. Where are today musical wise. Though they are doing good in all aspects. We have to love the guy don jazzy,he has proven beyond every reasonable doubt that he is dope. Finally. I understand that Olamide was mad about the stalled deal with Di’Ja. Imagine the one and only Nigerian ASA doing collabo with Olamide or brymo doing collabo with lil Kish. Does it make sense?

Written by Marshal Mahone: IG @marshal_kossy

To Olamide who is claiming street. Let the television and radio stations take you off rotation. Let corporate stay their endorsements and sponsorship. Let award ceremonies refrain from recognizing your work. Then perform from ‘street’ to ‘street’ and let’s see how far it takes you. Street na wetin? Again #BossesAintThugs


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  1. Fool like u, u sit down and compose nonsense note. I feel your papa never understand d word Street…

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