Starting A Radio Program: Factors to Consider When Designing a Radio Program

Production for radio program is a big business. Although TV is colorful and more appealing to the eyes, many listeners have found radio inevitable as it allows them to get information while they engage in some other things: information on the go. The acceptability that the listening audiences have given to radio has brought about the proliferation of many radio stations. They have become so much in some developing nations that their government have decided not to issue new licenses.

Even among the existing stations, competition is so high that it takes a very unique radio program to get listener to tune in and stay tuned. Are you planning to start a program on radio, the following factors need to be considered so that you can get listeners and thus attract sponsorship.


Get Your Audience to Participate

You may not have given it a serious thought, but nothing thrills the listener more than the fact that they are part of a program on radio or TV. They will not just tune in to listen to themselves talking, they will invite friends and even acquaintance to listen to them. They will go on Facebook and twitter that they are being featured on a program. Whatever you are presenting on radio, ensure that there is room for your listeners to participate.

If it is a recorded program, you can make them participate by inviting them to send e-mails, or sms to voice their complaints or make encouraging compliments. It will help you do better. You can also encourage them to greet others and request for songs. They will definitely request trending songs to make them and others tune in the following edition.

The same thing can be achieved if it is a live program, people can phone-in to request for songs, to commend your works or just contribute to the subject of discussion. Even if they know that their calls may not last for more than few seconds, they are ready to go all the way and inform the world to come and listen to their voices. The following week, they will be willing to come back and contribute. No matter what program you are presenting on radio, it is incomplete if your audience cannot contribute.

Make Your Content and Style Unique

Rigidity in style of presentation is a contributing factor discouraging people from tuning in and listening to many radio programs. Before you decide on the radio station through which you will have your program aired, it is better you listen to other programs existing on radio. While you could borrow some ideas that you could imbibe from some radio programs, you should try to be as unique as possible in the way you present yours.

The program itself should not be a repetition of ideas that you have stolen from a radio station before now. If you feel that the kinds of programs you have locally are not inspiring enough, take your time to listen to foreign radio stations via the internet. Whatever you have decided to use as content, it must be appealing to people locally.

Must be Entertaining

A radio program that does not help people to relax does not qualify as a radio program in any way. Even if your radio program is dwelling on space science, you can bring out an angle that will entertain your audience. One major way to do this is to have a musical interlude. Music is a language that everybody from all walks of life understands. It is therefore important that you explore this opportunity by including music in your radio program irrespective of its duration.

If you do not have enough airtime to play music lasting for 5 minutes or more, you can play it briefly and take it to the background. Doing so, your listeners will not just be entertained, they will also get their souls lifted and be inspired. All talk and no music is too dry a radio program.

Quality Voice Recording

Sometimes, the one producing a radio program also doubles as the presenter. This maybe because of financial limitations or any other factor best known to them. Even if you are going to play two or more roles, it should not allow you to undermine quality in recording and production. Hence the quality of voice should be the one that meets up with international standard. If you are using a recording studio outside that of the station, ensure it is sound proof and digital enough to bring out the best of your voice.

The diction of the presenter should also be clear enough for your listening audience to grasp easily. Remember, if they do not hear a word you utter clearly, they may miss out completely on the entire subject you are discussing for that day. So enunciate clearly and don’t give slurred speech.

Your listeners want to learn how to pronounce words too, ensure that you get the pronunciation right and give them the right and authoritative way of pronouncing words. It will be disappointing to them and may even harm your program is your listeners discover that you have misled them with ways that words are pronounced.

Must Be Problem Solving

This is not negotiable, your program must solve one problem or the other for your listening audience. If you do not have something to offer, it will not take them time to move on. So tailor it around solving a problem for them in each edition.

Hence make it informative. Tell them of a knowledge that is not common. Make it educating. tell them ways that they can get something done in such a way that they will end up singing your praise as a good radio teacher.
Even if the number of people coming to your initially are not much, you will see your network of listeners growing with time.

Something Must Be Won

As your program gets popular, you can incorporate a segment open for sponsorship where the listeners will win a gift item. This could be done as you test their knowledge on a product or service that the sponsor is offering.
By so doing, you will be attracting people to your website while you make money from the sponsorship. The more people tune in to listen to your program, the more sponsors you get to attract in the future.


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  1. Thank you for these great insights, surely a programme that is not addressing any social concern doesnot make sense

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