Xmas was boring for Movie lovers in Lagos as the Lagos city mall cinema was closed

Movie lovers who went to see movies at the Lagos City Mall cinema on Thursday 25th of December 2014, were disappointed by the closure of the cinema hall.

The aggrieved movie lovers told newsmen that the closure of the cinema hall was anti-social and that they are disappointed at management of the mall for their inefficiency.

Veteran actor,Mr Emmanuel Edokpayi, said that the celebration of Christmas this year was not as interesting as that of 2013.

Edokpayi said that in spite of some complaints last year, it was better than this year.

He said that the failure of the Federal Government to pay salaries to some of its workers affected their businesses.

We did not see much patronage as we used to see in other months of the year.December is always a peak period for every businessmen and women, but this time around it is something else,’’ Edokpayi said.


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