Utterly Insane Celebrity Conspiracy Theories or Not?

Paul McCartney Died and was Replaced by a Lookalike


Credit: Michael

According to many fans, legendary musician and “Beatles” member, Paul McCartney was in a fatal car crash in 1966. Since the band was at its peak, they simply could not go on without McCartney, so the remaining members hired a replacement. The proof of this theory is in their song lyrics that are allegedly clues alluding to his death, mostly when playing some of their songs backward. This conspiracy caused a major increase in “The Beatles’” popularity, so even though Paul is believed by many to be dead, he does owe much of his success to this theory. While this concept may seem extremely unrealistic, in 2009 an article was written about a study in which computer technology was used to compare the measurements of McCartney’s skull before and after the alleged accident in order to disprove the theory. However, they found that the measurements were not the same as expected, but were, in fact, a few centimeters off from one another in a few different features on his face.

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