Utterly Insane Celebrity Conspiracy Theories or Not?

Anne Hathaway’s Husband is Shakespeare



Credit: Instagram

It’s common knowledge that William Shakespeare’s wife was named Anne Hathaway. When the Princess Diaries actress, Anne Hathaway became famous many Shakespearean enthusiasts were quite enamored with Hathaway for her namesake, but it wasn’t until she got married when it was believed this to be more than just an utter coincidence. This reason for this is that Hathaway’s husband, Adam Shulman has more than just a strong resemblance to William Shakespeare; the two almost look identical. Fans have begun to believe that Anne Hathaway and her husband might truly be William Shakespeare and the original Anne Hathaway, especially since modern day Anne Hathaway looks as though she has not aged a since she began acting. The joke going around is that the couple made a deal: Shakespeare got to be famous in the former life, and his wife got to be famous in this life.

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