After Eight Years, Winter Is Finally Coming

After Eight Years, Winter is Finally Coming!

HBO has said the script for season eight left the cast and crew in literal tears and “an applause that lasted 15 minutes” when they had finished. This final season will result in the death of major characters, along with massive betrayal and unhappy endings. We have also been told by the creators of this show that some fans will be happy, others very upset, but you cannot please everyone. Read on for more of the most epic television series in history..

It’s Not The Battle Of The Bastards… but

The most epic event we are all waiting for is the battle of all battles. Mum is the word, however we do know that the cast and crew spent 55 days filming this much-anticipated scene in Northern Ireland. According to sources, this battle scene will make Battle of The Bastards look like child’s play.

Daenarys Targaryn & Jon Snow, Really?

What will the relationship evolve into? Is it really epic romance or is it an alliance of convenience to defeat Cersei? Will the bond be severed once they realize they share DNA? We know they are both committed to destroying the Night King and his minions, but are they equally committed to each other?

Does Love Conquer All?

Or perhaps hate conquers all. This is the case if you are Cersei and Jamie Lannister. Will their unborn child live to see either parents? Or will there be another bastard in the world? Are their agendas even aligned anymore? Cersei’s desire for power clearly outweighs her love of her brother, but as we have seen her prove, this is not necessarily the case when it comes to her children.

Does Jon Have A New Pet?

There was almost recognition between the two when they met. The smell, the glare, the feeling. Did the dragon smell Targaryn blood? Will the dragon ever be called upon to serve Jon as a new master? It is likely the beast is more intuitive than the humans. Will Drogon, be what reveals the connection between the two estranged Targaryns?

The Reign of Sansa Stark

Actress Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark said- “Bloodier and full of betrayal.” She is the pretty victim and the ultimate pawn. We have watched her be used an abused. Last season we finally saw her rise to her rightful place as lady wardeness of the North. What is her purpose now and will she survive the upcoming battle?

“Dany Will Be Doing All This Weird Sh**t”

Actress Emilia Clark plays Daenerys Targaryn, said- “It f****d me up, knowing that is going to be a lasting flavor in someone’s mouth of what Daenerys is…” For most fans, this is a most disturbing leak and we fear the worst… the unspeakable. If there was ever a more beloved character, this woman is it. The entire world will be rooting, sobbing and biting their nails in anticipation for what is in store for the Mother of Dragons. We will all have our fingers crossed at every scene for sure!

Night King, Less is More

The quiet character is the most ominous one. We know not his specific strategy, but we have seen enough to be terrorized permanently. Is there a worthy foe to defeat him? Doubtful. Yet if all of the enemies become allies for one moment, perhaps he can be defeated.

The Three-Eyed-Raven Returns

The Three-Eyed-Raven returns, but for what purpose? The Stark boy who learned of the incest between Cersei and Jamie is now the powerful, calm and insightful foe. Is he on a side though? Can the Raven even choose his loyalties? He is no longer the crippled boy, but a mystical and magical thing. If fact, the evolution of his own identity will be the erasure of Brandon Stark as he emerges as the Raven.

King Slayer, Oath Breaker

Yet, he still stands. Who honestly thinks he has a chance of making it through the season? No. Just. No. The actor, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau said- “… you’re reaping the rewards of the work that’s been put into all these characters. As an audience member, you’re kind of invested into every single one of these people…”

Child, Warrior Princess, Badass

Has there ever been a more compelling character? This amazing girl will avenge us all. There is no other character in this addictive series like little Arya. She is the most fearless and has guts like no other person we have seen. If anyone deserves to make it through this final season, it is the warrior princess. Fans will be on the edge of their seats to see if she makes good on completing her list. This is not a list you want to be on.

Viserion- WOMD (Weapon Of Mass Destruction)

Who will be used to breach the wall? The tragedy of weaponizing this majestic beast is in itself among one of the most cruel and painful moments of GOT. The ache of this creature, belonging only to the Mother of Dragons will be our worst enemy. Can Viserion be brought back? Will he recognize the scent of his mother, the sound of her voice or recognize his dragon siblings?

Last One Standing?

Actor Peter Dinkage- “It takes you to a place that you never saw coming…”
If a cat has nine lives, what can we say of this clever, alcoholic dwarf? His wit, strategic planning and ability to endear himself to the Khaleesi are indeed a skill-set which no other GOT character embodies. He is worthy of outliving his enemies for sure… but will he?

Who Will Occupy This Seat?

What if no one does? We have watched this chair be occupied by three people. Robert Barathian, Jaffrey Baratheon, Thoman Baratheon and Cersei Lannister. This throne cannot hold the weight of another imposter? Can it? It is amusing that the throne was created by a Targareyns and perhaps that is a glimpse into what we should expect…

Feme Fatale- Unf***withable

She has been motivated by love and hate. She is a bitter, aging queen who is also to produce an heir. We know that she has no allegiance to anyone, but herself. This makes her a worthy foe. In spite of all this, she will have no choice but to place her self interest aside as the greatest enemy of the North, beyond the wall pursues everyone and everything. The question is will she be able to do this without using it as a device to advance her own agenda.

The Immigration Wall That Failed

This iconic image represents the totality of this entire series. Otherness. The others have been kept behind a wall. The wall is what has held for centuries and is the only protection between the world and White Walkers. We know it will be breached; we are all preparing ourselves for the worst. The invading enemy has always been on the other side of this wall, simply waiting for a crack in it. A place that has existed in theory, but only seen by a few, is now the most real iconic thing in the world.

The Kardashians of Westeros

All political families leave behind a legacy. What will the Lannisters be? We will remember them for giving us Joffrey, the cruel and despicable spoiled brat king. We will remember the immoral relationship between brother and sister. We will remember the brilliant and cunning Tywin as the diplomatic patriarch. Yet there is one Lannister that stands out as peculiarly unique. Will our favorite dwarf survive against the odds, even in the betrayal of his own siblings?

Got Wolf bait?

Ghost, the epic beast of the Stark Bastard will return to the screen. This is one of the only definite details we know for certain. In the past, we have only seen Ghost surface at unexpected, precise moments of rescue. This creature possesses a sixth sense and it is loyal to Jon Snow. It is inevitable that the direwolf has a specific task to fulfill in this final season.

Whose Home Is This Anyway?

Home of the Iron Throne, where House Lannister sits. Who will take it? A man or a woman? Jon Snow, Daenarys Targaryn? Cersei Lannister? Will Kings Landing be swallowed in ashes or will there be a new Kings Landing? Could Kings Landing reside in the North if it is destroyed in battle against the White Walkers? Or will it remain eternally in the South of Westros, preserved as the historic seat of the Iron Throne?


The day after is always the hardest to follow. Where will we be without another GOT? And the bar has been set so high, how will anyone be able to compete? There will be tears, parties, blogs written, news articles, reactions of grief, joy and yet there will be one thing the world will feel that the close of season 8- Game of Thrones is over.


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