PDP Berates APC Over False Alert On Security Agencies

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has noted yet another false alert by the APC claiming that the Federal Government was trying to use security agencies to alter the results of the Presidential and National Assembly elections.

The APC, in its desperation and quest to cause confusion has forgotten that ballots are publicly counted at the polling booths and results declared in the presence of the voters, party agents and observers.

They have forgotten that from the polling units, the ballots are taken to the ward for collation; from the wards they get to the local government and subsequently to the senatorial zones for further collation before they get to the states, all in the presence of party agents and election observers before they get to the national level for final collation.

It is an obvious fact that agents of political parties and election observers at every level of the collation have the results as they move from the polling booths. We therefore ask, at what level will the security chiefs get involved as the APC claims?

Our question is, is it that the APC believes it is losing the elections and as such resorted to crying wolf and seeking to use every means to discredit the process, create tension in the polity and truncate our democracy?

For us, as a law-abiding party, we are waiting for INEC to conclude its collation process and announce the results of the elections.


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