Election Background


Tomorrow the 8th of November, 2016 is the day that will define the fate of America. I wouldn’t doubt that the Electoral College is bought and paid for by Hillary. But, if the popular vote is extremely overwhelming, as it may well be, it’s going to be hard for the country to allow Clinton in office. Clinton has no business in office or even running for that matter.

This election will really come down to how many stupid people vote. There’s little doubt anyone voting for Hillary is either ignorant of the facts she hate America or can be easily swayed by a Jay Z and Beyonce concert.

We’ll see what happens. Either way this country is in for a rough ride starting from tomorrow. It’s not as easy even as getting Trump in office. This government is so very corrupt it’s a monster if it can even ever be taken down. This will hopefully be a start in the right direction. One thing is for certain. If Trump doesn’t win the USA is history.

No, the #SpiritCooking, Establishment, Evil doers will not “give us permission”. We will TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK T R U M P 2 0 1 6 .

Wikileaks can prove the Saudi’s are funding ISIS and she is making deals selling arms to the Saudis that come from the good old USA. Isn’t this treason? Another Contra scam and Oliver North.

Are people there really so corrupted that they will support a confirmed criminal, pedophile, murderer of American citizens, sponsor of terrorism etc? What is wrong with Americans? The mega millionaire, arrogant, snobbish celebrities has made it clear they’ll leave the USA if Trump wins. That alone should be the reason to vote for Trump.

In all seriousness I am a wreck these last few months for two reasons:

1) Trump would make a great President yet so many go out of their way to trash him.

2) Hillary would be the worst President in the history of America following the second worst President of the United States, Obama whose now calling for illegals to vote.

I don’t care if the WHOLE WORLD is against Trump. If God has chosen him to lead America, nothing, nor any Billionaire will stop him. Not All the Powers of Hell, nor the Devil himself, can stop what God has ordained on earth. And it looks like the the Ruler of this wicked world HAS come against Trump. So this only can mean that, what is good and right and the evils will fight in this election.

Let them fight all they want, and print what they want, and put out all the Jay Z’s and Beyonce’s and Hollywood Billions against Trump, and let them make every sick AD on TV they want against Trump. He still will win.

I seriously can’t wait for tomorrow. I am hoping it’s going to be a total landslide like that Belmont Stakes race where Secretariat was so far ahead of the other horses that it was pathetic. I normally don’t vote, but nothing is keeping me from those polls tomorrow. If it snowed 3 ft tonight, I would be saddling up my horse to get there! You too should do the same, let’s all go all out to get Trump elected. Nothing short of Trump landslide will be good to America.

Don’t tell me what your going do, show me what you have done. Mr Donald Trump have done just that. He has built many successful businesses, have a very well rounded family. You speak your mind and won’t be bought. However what is most important to me is when you speak you look directly into the camera and into Americas homes and you are focused. I don’t trust a person that can’t look you straight in the eyes. A person is only as good as the words, and Mr Trump you are. I for one will be awaiting your victory.


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