Nigeria would be better under my care — Atiku

If I’m voted into power, the Nigeria you are looking at and experiencing today would be a different Nigeria.

Those were the words of no other man than the former vice President of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar, a 2015 APC presidential hopeful.

Giving his reasons for being confident, he says he is the most experienced candidate to lead the country out of the present political predicaments.

Of all the people aspiring for the number one seat, Atiku says he is the best fitted for it because he possessed the best democratic principles to move Nigeria forward.

Citing examples of all his travails for the country and its politics, he recalls the parts he played to stop the former president in his third term bid in the office, saying that if Obasanjo had succeeded, he would still be in the office till date.

All these he said in Jos while addressing the presidential delegates from Plateau state.

Atiku said he is not desperate for power and is ready to support any that scales through as the party’s flag bearer or even the eventual president, but that the country would benefit more if he is chosen.

The present leader he said, is an inexperience one because Nigeria is going through the worst of times under his leadership.

The Chairman of the APC in Platue state, Mr.Latep Dabang, promised in speech that all the state delegates would vote for Atiku because of his support for the party. He said “I assure you that no Plateau delegate will vote for anybody apart from Atiku.”

Going further in his speech, Atiku recounts the following: “All these people contesting for the presidency are inexperienced, compared to my own experience and qualities in democracy. Having been the Vice President of Nigeria for good eight years, nobody has broken this record till today.

“Nobody fight the military, in this country, for democracy like me. My mentor, the late Shehu Yar’Adua lost his life in the cause of this struggle. I repeat, nobody fight for democracy like me. For that reason, I am the most experienced politician amongst those contesting the Presidency.”


One thought on “Nigeria would be better under my care — Atiku

  1. No Way!Akiku Loves Money And Women, We Want
    A Simple And Moderate Leader, And Gen Buhari Is
    The Man, If Apc Dare Makes Atiku Their
    Presidential Flagbearer, It Is Better To Elect Inept
    Goodluck, Akiku Will Rake All Our Resources, We
    Need A Tough Leader That Will Bring Sanity To
    Our Beloved Nation.Sai Buhari Come 2015.

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