France chapter of APC urges supports for Buhari

The Coordinator, France chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Mrs, Ibifuro Tatua, has called on Nigerians in Diaspora to come out en mass to vote for a change.

She urged Nigerians to mobilize support for Buhari from their respective places of abode to ensure that the former military president retakes the seat in a civilian attires.

Victory for Buhari, according to Tatua, would help the country to regain its place on the global stage.

Speaking during a campaign rally by APC members in France, Tatua said: “Back home, the people’s anger has become deep and bitter. They are not comfortable with the prevailing deficit in the nation’s body polity. They are against the ruling party for ineptitude.

“To majority of Nigerians, the Peoples Democratic Party is a failure and any vote for the party in this month’s general election is a mandate for poverty, bad policies, insecurity, infrastructural decay and destruction of the nation’s economy.”

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