It is enough! southern Kaduna PDP tell their “pastor” Senator Esther Nenadi Usman

No! We are no longer satisfied with your performances” Those were the words of PDP delegates in the troubled southern Kaduna region late this evening to their senator, Nenadi Esther Usman, as the party members voted her out. The delegates for southern Kaduna PDP, certainly didn’t look back as they clearly spelt it out to their “pastor” senator.

A committee member of the National Working Committee in Abuja, who was monitoring the primary elections held in Kafanchan, stated this to the newsmen.

The committee member said that the defeat came to them as a big shock despite the backings received by the senator from all levels at the party.

The senator, the source said is on her way to Abuja after conceding defeat to a barely known local politician, Danjuma Tela La’ah.

The ousted senator was said to have spent huge sum of money to woo the delegates to back her up, but they said that enough is enough and insisted on voting her out because she had failed to represent them at the Nigerian senate.

pastttttIn spite her poor performances out there to speak against her, she is said to cover the people’s eyes with religious sentiments.

Just in September this year, she spent millions of naira in an ordination ceremony as a pastor. For these and many more, the delegates voted for a change and asked Senator Esther Nenadi Usman, to watch from the bench henceforth.


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