Donald Trump Vs Hillary Clinton

I’m an average college educated American who loves my country and excited about the prospect of real leadership in Washington, but also terrified about the corrupt, communist, and traitorous forces which seem to have infiltrated our media and government by silent coup.

Let’s take back our country from these traitors, including aware democrats who understand what Hillary has done and still support her.

Trump will replace Hillary Clinton’s 30 years of disastrous bad judgment and failed political policies, which have hurt MILLIONS of people around the world; from “no choice” inner cities, to unaffordable “no choice” healthcare, to “no choice” education, to “no jobs” NY state (as senator), to needless death and refugees across the Middle East, to almost universal loss of reputation with world powers.

Trump offers CHANGE that puts all American citizens first, and brings common sense executive leadership, who thinks BIG and CORRECT.

Regarding the label “crook”, it’s an undisputed fact that Hillary and Bill Clinton received $150 million personally the past few years trading “fees for favors.” They should be in federal prison for this, as any other politician would be.

Hillary offers no realistic, united, loyal or commercially viable vision for America, and certainly no action or energy.

Her speeches are filled with empty cliche’s, one-line zingers, outright lies, race-baiting, class-division, and old school vote-buying promises to dole out money like gravy, taken from the remaining businesses her policies haven’t already driven out of our country.

Her actions are worse than her policies; defamation of sexually abused women, criminal cover-ups, blood on hands, and traitor of our borders and national interests.

Hillary Clinton (smug and above the law), Tim Kaine (say anything and an odd-duck), Paul Begala (literally human version of a beady-eyed weasel), and dishonest propaganda machine of unpatriotic media, each STAND for the “new communist party” ruled by global elites, open borders to encourage illegal occupation and job displacement by foreigners, cop-hating, anti-American sympathizers, anti-Christian traditions, allowing terrorists to infiltrate, higher taxes, more regulation, trade deals that offshore jobs, “sanctuary cities” for criminals, pay for play, and unraveling of our social fabric – putting most Americans – last.

It’s time for a change in political direction, where patriotism is honored, and national pride being in America is restored.

I’m tired of shaking my head in disgust at the apology tours by Obama and Clinton.

Hillary Clinton earned a reputation around the globe as someone who can be bought and sold for money and made to pay ransom.

Mrs. Clinton’s well known history of corrupt lying and weak disastrous foreign policies jointly with Obama have denigrated our standing in the world so much that countries now openly mock and taunt us with impunity (Iran, Philippines, Russia, North Korea, Britain, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, China, and on and on) – Richard Burke


Another Reason Hillary Clinton Is Unfit For POTUS

Imagine you thought your husband or boyfriend was having an affair. You ask to see his phone. He immediately leaves the house and goes to see his lawyer. He comes back three hours later, (three months for Hillary,)and gives you the phone after deleting 33,000 emails, texts and contacts.

You then find out he used the bleach bit app so that they could not be recovered. When you ask him what was deleted, he tells you it was workout routines and recipes. Then you find out he has 11 more cell phones that he never told you about. When you ask to see them he tells you he cannot give them to you because he smashed them all with a hammer after you asked to see the first one. Would you ever trust him again?

I would rather have a president who is unpolished and says mean things than one who will sell my country to the highest bidder. VOTE TRUMP.

Enough is enough.


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