Donald Trump In The Lead As Proud Voters Show Off On Twitter

There is a clear indication that the Republican Presidential candidate, Donald J. Trump is currently ahead of the Democratic counterpart, Hillary Rodham Clinton in the ongoing presidential election across the United States of America.

Report from US Magazine also indicates that Donald Trump has taken an early lead in the 2016 presidential election after midnight voting took place in three tiny towns in New Hampshire.

Despite Hillary Clinton being victorious in the first town to declare, Dixville Notch, the Republican candidate was winning by 32-25 overall.

On Twitter, under the hashtag #Voted, Trump supporters are showing off in large numbers, suggesting the candidate is in the early lead. Below are some of the Tweets and Twitter poll that captures the enthusiasm.

An eyewitness from Ann Arbor Michigan had a chat with me when he returned from voting around 7am. He indicated that in years past he lined up before the doors opened and was one of 5 in the line. Today there were 35 people lined up at 6:30 am waiting to vote. By the time the doors opened the line was by his estimate 150 people long. As he pointed out there was “a sea of red”. This poll was using paper ballots so perhaps the nightmare of a rigged process through machines will not happen here. Early indicators from around the regions with polls open suggest that the good Doctors experience and observations are common place. A very good sign for the Republic. Let us hope that everyone does everything that they can to bring folks to the polls. Get busy folks, the nation is at risk.

Be aware that liberal news networks will probably show Clinton winning way early in eastern states. It’s a way to discourage you from voting. Ive seen the opposite happen after all the votes were counted. Don’t be fooled. Vote!

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