Buhari to travel to U.S in honour of invitation by the CSIS

According to sources, All Progressive Congress (APC) presidential candidate, Buhari, is travelling to U.S to honour an invitation by the Washington based Center for Strategic and International Studies, contrary to claims that he is travelling for medical reasons.

Days ago, it surfaced on media reports that he was seriously sick and was planning to travel abroad for treatment, of which he (Buhari) came out and rebuffed the claims, saying he only had cold.

But sources reveal that Buhari got an invitation from the Director of African programme CSIS, Jennifer Cooke. He has been invited to Washington to give a public address about the future of Nigeria.

The address is supposed to take place based on the date convenient for the APC presidential candidate. It is expected that a number of U.S policy makers will be present at the event. Also, Buhari will be expected to take a private off-the-record briefing with a group of senior officials from the U.S government.


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