Buhari and Atiku, no threat to PDP victory — Olisa Metuh

Merge Buhari and Atiku together and they pose no threats. -PDP boastfully  declares on Tuesday.

The above unprecedented boast was issued in  Abuja by the party’s spokesman, Olisa Metuh during a conversation with the newsmen on the PDP’s plans for the national convention billed to take place on Wednesday and Thursday.

We all know that Atiku and Buhari are presidential aspirants in the APC which holds its primary on Wednesday, compare that with PDP which has Mr. Jonathan fully endorsed by his party.

Continuing with his boastful remarks he went on to say:

“We have a very good product to sell to Nigerians,”  “GEJ will win the 2015 presidential poll based on his popularity. We are today sending notice to the opposition party, the APC to expect a crushing defeat at the poll.

buhari-atiku-jonathan“In view of our confidence, preparedness and the popularity of our candidate, we declare and urge the APC to put forward its two front line aspirants in one pot, namely: Gen. Muhammadu Buhari and Alhaji Atiku as joint presidential candidates with their collective credentials and follower ship to face our president, Goodluck Jonathan.”

With the enormous supports and love the party is enjoying from Nigerians, Jonathan is certain to secure an emphatic victory “against any presidential candidate of the APC or all the candidates put together as one.”

When asked by the journalists to comment on the readiness of the president to engage the presidential candidate of the APC in a debate, Metuh replied that the debate must be issue-based.

“Let us elevate the conduct of this election,” he said. “We will base it on who is best for this country in terms of unity of this nation, who is best to stabilize our public policy, who is best to lead us to prosperity. On those three and other issues we will debate whoever is the candidate of APC.”

All other things being together, we would recall that in 2011, that the debate was just a one man affair, where Jonathan debated himself with no one to face for any scrutiny on the live television, but this time around according to the analysts,it is quite unlikely that he will enjoy the same freedom as he has so many to defend in his five years administrations.


One thought on “Buhari and Atiku, no threat to PDP victory — Olisa Metuh

  1. Well I think Olisa Metuh talking from his own mind but as for me atiku and buhari are a strong threat to PDP, the both poses a greater fear and strength Which can cause President Jonathan to loose his position, I think with all this crises Jonathan will succumb in the North and some other southern states.

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