‘Atiku is sure of victory if primaries hold today’

With the present looks of things, we can boast at least of 60percent delegates support across the country, giving us absolute confidence that we can achieve an outright win if the elections were to hold today. Atiku Campaign Organization boasts!

Spokesman of the organization, Garba Shehu was highly optimistic on this when he announced in an interview yesterday that the “relentless hard work” which has become the norm of the ACO, would definitely see the  former Vice President on top.

“The Vice President is not resting. In the last couple of weeks, there is no day he does not leave his family and home to the states in the hunt for delegates. On some days, he covers up to three states”, Garba Said.

He dismissed the insinuations in the news going round, that there was something wrong with donations the APC presidential aspirant was making to destitute branches of the party in states where they did not control the state government.

“People who say individuals cannot make donations for the upkeep of their party don’t know what politics is all about. If we don’t develop our party by ourselves, who is going to do that for us? Are we to wait for the government to grow our party? It is laughable of anyone to say that our laws don’t permit donations for the upkeep of our parties. How else can they survive?” the spokesman asked.

Garba said this donation has been made to all state secretariats in non-APC states. These chapters of the party tend to be starved of running funds, and since joining the party, Atiku has been making such donations to them. This is not the 1st time he is coming up with such donations.

He recalled that Atiku has constantly funded party development – Yar’Adua Group, SDP, PDP and now the APC, saying that the former Vice President paid up the founding costs of PDP, including purchase of secretariat and running costs.

He disclosed that the Atiku Centre will support democratic growth in Nigeria and Africa long after Atiku has retired from active politics, as this is what he has loved doing over the years.


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