10 Cool Facts About Antigua and Barbuda You’ll Love To See

Antigua and Barbuda is an independent commonwealth country.  It comprises its two namesake islands and several other smaller ones.  The country is positioned right where the Atlantic and the Caribbean meet, and it is known for its reef-lined beaches, rainforests, and resorts.

Are there other kinds of facts about the island country?  Yes!  What are they?  Well, what are their most popular foods?  Which places only are beach-wears allowed?  What might make you not be served well in a shop or restaurant?  In spite of the country’s strictness on dress, what can be found in the country?

Now you know there are lots to learn.  Get all the answers in the following 10 cool facts about Antigua and Barbuda.  Enjoy!

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Capital:                         St. John’s

Currency:                      East Caribbean Dollar

Population:                   91,295 (2014 Estimate)

Official Language:         English

Government:                 Parliamentary Democracy and Constitutional Monarchy

Monarch:                      Queen Elizabeth II

Governor General:         Rodney Williams

Prime Minister:              Caston Brown


Cool Facts About Antigua and Barbuda

1. Very Popular Foods

If you plan to visit Antigua and Barbuda, then learn to eat their very popular foods.  Their most popular foods include the following: rice pudding, salt fish and antrobers, bull foot soup, souse, maw, goat water, cockle water, conch water, and Dukuna.  I’d say that is cool.

2. Conservative View of Dressing

The country is mostly Christian; therefore they have a very conservative view of dressing.  The only places where beachwear is allowed is when you are in your hotel or villa.  In fact, even some hotels have strict dress codes.  So you need to check and be sure before you book.

3. Hierarchical Tradition

The tradition of Antigua and Barbuda is hierarchical.  There are five distinct social hierarchies in the country that has existed since the British arrival and colonization eons ago.  They are top to bottom: the British, the Mulatos, the Portuguese, the Middle Easterners, and the Afro-Antiguans.

4. African-Style Family Life

In the country, family life among the afro-Antiguans tends to be more like it is in African countries, especially the West African countries.  However, traces of western styles of family life can be seen in a number of family settings.

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5. Greeting is Utmost

In Antigua and Barbuda, greeting is of utmost importance.  If you enter any shop or restaurant and do not greet first, but rush into making your requests, you not be attended to immediately.  And when you are finally attended to, the cool part is that it will not be to your satisfaction.

6. Marriage Process Drags

Marriage among the black working class is much the same as you would see in most African countries.  The only aspect that has been lost over the years is the payment of bride price.  However, the African view of a marriage being a process that runs for many years has been retained.

7. NO-NO to Topless Sunbathing

Topless sunbathing is not always allowed.  In fact, to the average Antiguan, topless sunbathing is a NO-NO!  However, here is the cool aspect: topless sunbathing is allowed in a number of hotels.  It is your responsibility to check and make sure of which ones before booking/checking-in.

8. The Marriage Process

The marriage process begins when the young couple begins what the country now calls the visiting relationship.  The visiting relationship soon develops into co-residential.  After a while, this relationship culminates in a formal marriage ceremony.

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9. Nudist Beach

On top of all the Antiguan strictness concerning dress codes, there is a nudist beach!  Is that not amazing?  The nudist beach is at the Hawksbill Resort on the North West Coast.  It is the 4th beach away from the hotel and it is quite safe from peeping eyes. Hmmm…cool!

10. Matrifocal Black Community

Another area that the Antiguan black community lifestyle is very like that of many African families is that they are matrifocal.  This means the focus centres on the mothers’ lineage.  As a result, there is a high rate of afro-Antiguan women in the labour force.



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