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While we’d loved to answer all your inquiries privately, it is however not possible for us to do so. Therefore, before contacting us personally, it is important to be sure that the reason you are contacting is truly not something that can be shared publicly.If you are contacting to ask questions that ordinarily should be asked on the comment section, we are sorry but the message wouldn’t get a response. For us to respond to your messages, it must deserve private attention and important.

Questions such as: Where can I get the materials to start my business? How much is needed to start a business? etc. Questions like these may never get private responses from us. They are best asked publicly using the comment box so that whatever answers given could benefit other users who may have similar concerns.

Questions such as: What is the requirements for booking appointment with you? How to invest with us at PALNESS? Or you want to become our guest writer. These and related questions are considered private and may be sent to us privately.If you think your reason is cogent enough to warrant personal touch, then go ahead and email your message and be assured of timely response from us.Send your emails t0: [email protected]

Palness Media

6th Floor (Wing D), Elephant House, Alausa, Ikeja – Lagos.

Email: [email protected]

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