Women Who Outshine Their Rich and Famous Husbands

Carla Bruni – Nicolas Sarkozy


Benoit Tessier/Reuters
Between the two names, which one catches your eyes first? Well, it’s definitely Nicolas Sarkozy, former French president and wife to Carla Bruni. Just as her husband made it big in the world of politics, Carla builds her own empire in the world of entertainment. She is a model and songwriter who has won a Victoria as Female Artist of the Year back in 20007.

Credit: @🎼 CARLA BRUNI m’a dit

Talking about the world’s 20 highest paid models, Carla Bruni, makes it to the list. In 2010, she entered Tatler’s top 10 best-dressed list. She’s achieved a lot and still managed to find time to assist her husband in a number of official obligations.

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