Why Won’t Hollywood Cast These Celebrities?

Vince Vaughn

Who doesn’t remember with a smile Vince’s hits Old School and Wedding Crashers? These films put him on the map and paved the way for surefire Hollywood career. However, something went off track along the way. He just wasn’t as funny as he once was and his movies were just not as popular.

Comedy is Healing

In recent years Vince has rebranded himself as a producer and has an impressive 22 projects to his name. He also has an interesting take on comedy and has been quoted as saying, “I really like comedy that brings people together. There’s a lot of comedies lately that have been at people’s expense or been kind of acidic or mean-spirited. And some folks like that, and I think there’s room for that, but that’s not my style. I like something that makes us all feel closer. Comedy, at its best, can be healing.”

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