Why Won’t Hollywood Cast These Celebrities?

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba
Jessica’s acting career was launched when she got a recurring role in Nickelodeon’s popular comedy series The Secret World of Alex Mack. Then she was cast as Maya in the TV show Flipper. She spent 1995 shooting the first season’s episodes in Australia. Jessica is an avid swimmer and PADI-certified SCUBA diver, so she was a natural for the show and enjoyed playing with dolphins. Her big movie break came in Universal Pictures’ contemporary urban drama, Honey released in 2003. Since then she has had a few hits with Fantastic Four and Sin City.

The Honest Company

unlikely side hustles
Jessica admitted that she almost quit acting due to negative experiences on the set of Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. She has stated that acting is not her top priority any longer. Today the golden blonde beauty spends her time with her family and running her own multi-million dollar business, The Honest Company selling ecologically friendly diapers, household cleaners, and cosmetics.

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