Why Won’t Hollywood Cast These Celebrities?

Mike Myers

Mike Myers was a beloved comedian for decades. From SNL to Wayne’s World and then Austin Powers, Myers was a force to be reckoned with. But then it seems he lost his groove. His later movies just weren’t funny anymore and they made people uncomfortable. Due to his reputation for having a belligerent attitude, it’s easy to see why Mike is no longer getting choice roles.

The Love Guru – Not

Mike has the distinction of receiving a Razzie ‘Worst Actor’ nomination in 2004 for The Cat In The Hat and winning the ‘Worst Actor’ award for The Love Guru (which also got ‘Worst Screenplay’ and ‘Worst Film’) in 2009. But at least George Harrison loved him. Mike owns the last letter sent by late Beatles musician George Harrison. The iconic musician thanked Mike for his “funny movies” and asked him for a Mini-Me doll. Mike framed the letter and admits that it is one of the most incredible moments of his life. No word on whether he sent the doll or not.

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