Why Won’t Hollywood Cast These Celebrities?

Emilio Estevez

As the son of actor Martin Sheen, the brother of actor Charlie Sheen, and a member of the “brat pack” you’d think Emilio Estevez would have it made. He actually did enjoy a good ride for many years. But where has he been lately? While his father and brother successfully made the transition to the small screen, he chose not to. What happened is that he simply lost interest in being in front of the camera and prefers to write, direct and produce films when he isn’t involved with his family. Emilio Estevez is married to former journalist Sonja Magdevski.

Writer, Director, Actor

At a very young age, Emilio was bitten by the writing bug. He was only 8 when he wrote a script for Rod Serling’s 70s TV series, Night Gallery. Although the script wasn’t accepted Emilio didn’t let that get him down. He was only 23 when he became the youngest star to direct, write and act in his own movie titled Wisdom, co-starring Demi Moore. Twenty years later he wrote, directed and acted in Bobby, a film about the assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy. At its premiere in the Venice Film Festival, he received a seven-minute standing ovation.

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