Whirlwind Celebrity Engagements

While some find it romantic when a couple commits to one another on such short notice, others believe that these types of relationships are destined to crash and burn. Here are some examples of celebrities who decided to tie the knot promptly; some have stayed together, while others can hardly stand the sight of each other today.


Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin

Credit: Ludmiladrew94

Ever since the young age of 13, Justin Bieber has been stealing the hearts of girls all across the world. However, this has come to an end after Bieber’s engagement to model Hailey Baldwin. Despite only dating for a few weeks before getting engaged, the lovely couple has been best friends for years, and their chemistry together seems quite promising.

Guess Who Played Matchmaker?

Credit: Mood

Fun Facts: Back in 2009, 14-year-old Justin Bieber was on the backstage of the “Today Show” when Stephen Baldwin introduced his nervous pre-teen daughter to him. Stephen said, “This is my daughter, Hailey, we’ve been enjoying your music.” 10 years later they were engaged!


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