Riches To Rags: The True Stories of Stars Who Fell From Grace


Mandy Moore: Remembers Better Times

Mandy Moore

Although she earned a nice income from her movies including Tangled, Mandy Moore was forced to ask her ex-husband Ryan Adams to pay her $37,000 a month and take four of their six cats’ as she simply can’t make it. She claims she only earns about a quarter of what Adams does. How is that possible?

Lena Headey: Needs a New Throne

lena headey


As a star of the Game Of Thrones, we would expect she would have more than $5 in her bank account. Unfortunately, her 2012 divorce from Peter Loughran cost her a pretty penny. Seems she can’t make ends meet for her and her son and was left with just a few bucks. Pretty shocking as the show is one of the most popular ones on TV. Amazingly enough, Lena Headey was the fifth-highest-paid American TV star on a network prime-time show.

Brendan Fraser: Looking for His Mummy

Brendan Fraser Actor

While he earned big bucks in the Mummy movies, apparently his current movie income just isn’t good enough to survive. The actor can barely pay alimony. He is spending much more than he’s earning and simply can’t pay all of his bills. He’s bankrupt and claims that medical issues are keeping him from working.

Pamela Anderson: Tax Watch

Pamela Anderson

She’s owed back taxes to the IRS and the state of California and was forced to put her house on the market in order to pay them back. Additionally, rumors reveal that she owes the Canadian government $1.9 million. What happened to all the money she earned while she was a hot TV actress?

Stephen Baldwin: The Usual Excuses

Stephan Baldwin and Wife

While Baldwin has been a steadily employed actor over the years, it came as a shock when he filed for bankruptcy owing over $2.3 million to creditors, $1.2 million on mortgages for his two New York City homes and another $1 million in back taxes, as well as credit card debt. He was also charged with owing the state of New York $350,000 in unpaid taxes.

“T-Boz” Watkins: Chasing Waterfalls



After declaring bankruptcy along with her group TLC in the mid-’90s, Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins filed for Chapter 13 a second time after defaulting on mortgages on her Atlanta, Georgia home and failing to keep up with medical bill and car payments. She owes creditors $768,642.99 on the home and her monthly income amounts to $11,700 — just $1,200 of which stems from TLC royalties so she must find a way to cut down on her spending habits.

Kim Basinger: Money Confidential

Kim Basinger

Model, actress and ex-wife of Alec Baldwin, she couldn’t keep up with her expenses and filed for bankruptcy in 1993. While she invested 20 million dollars on a large property in Georgia, her biggest financial disaster happened when she pulled out of the movie “Boxing Helena” and was sued by the movie studio for $8.1 million for her refusal to star in the movie, but they eventually settled on $3.8 million. This was still a devastating blow for her.

MC Hammer: Time to Pray

MC Hammer

In 1991, the singer MC Hammer made over $33 million from his widely popular music but he was quick to spend it on luxury cars, airplanes, a record company, the largest entourage in celebrity history, and a $30 million mansion which included a bowling alley, 17-car garage and a baseball diamond. By 1996, he had accumulated $14 million in debt and declared bankruptcy.

Lorraine Bracco: The Family Helped

Lorraine Bracco

In 1999, with the debut of “The Sopranos”, Lorraine Bracco became a household name when she played Tony Soprano’s psychiatrist. Unfortunately, that was also the year she filed for personal bankruptcy. She was in court fighting her former boyfriend Harvey Keitel for custody of their daughter, Stella. By 1999, the legal fees forced her to file for bankruptcy. However, after steadily working and keeping her expenses in line with her income, she is finally back on her feet.

Gary Dourdan: It’s Criminal

Gary Dourdan

The handsome star of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation declared bankruptcy twice. His drug related problems were to blame. At one time his assets were estimated to be over $1.8 million. In addition to his drug habit, he missed payments to creditors amounting to millions of dollars. What’s left? He claims his entire bank savings added up to $84.50.

Lindsay Lohan: Party Girl Woes

Lindsay Lohan

In 2012, Lindsay declared bankruptcy after almost a decade of drug abuse, non stop spending spending and a party lifestyle. Her friend, Charlie Sheen bailed her out with $100,000 but it wasn’t enough as she already owed over a million to the IRS. She earned big bucks when she was a young star with so much potential. She hasn’t starred in a decent movie in over a decade.

Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt: Living With Papa

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt

How on earth did they blow $2 million a year for years! They were so broke they had to move in with his parents. Imagine, at one time they were stars of the MTV reality series, The Hills and were photographed at popular Hollywood events. But after years of overspending they have fallen on hard times. They claim they gave a lot of their money away as gifts. Let’s hope their friends remember them now.

Dennis Rodman: Game Over

dennis rodman

Was the former Chicago Bulls’ rebound star famous drinking problem the reason he was too broke to pay the $800,000 he owed in child support to his third wife?

Lauryn Hill: The Miseducation of Money

Lauryn Hill


While Hill says her career album sales were 50 million units sold worldwide, earning $1.6 million, it’s unclear why she failed to pay taxes on the income. She pleaded guilty in June 2012, and spent three months in a minimum security prison in Connecticut. It’s time for some money management.

Natasha Lyonne: Behind Bars

Natasha Lyonne

The American Pie star had a slew of hits in the ’90s, but her promising career was damaged after a series of encounters with the law including DUI and being charged with mischief, trespass, and harassment of a neighbor and the neighbor’s dog. She was also hospitalized for a variety of illnesses, including a collapsed lung and hepatitis C. She was eventually evicted from a friend’s townhouse and ended up living on the streets. But she’s made a comeback and has a role in the Netflix series: Orange is the New Black.

Nicolas Cage: No More Treasure

Nicolas Cage

It’s reported that Case has earned over $150 million during his long movie career allowing him to splurge on 15 homes including a castle, yachts, jets and cars. Unfortunately, he “forgot” to pay his taxes and had to sell many of his prized possessions to pay off his $14 million in back taxes.

Wesley Snipes: No Work in Prison

Wesley Snipes 80th Academy Awards

Wesley Snipes was one of the most popular male actors along with Eddie Murphy in the 1990s. While he continued to star in films for many years, he filed for bankruptcy in 2006. That same year, he was indicted for tax fraud for failing to pay over $12 million in taxes. He had to serve 3 years in prison.

Courtney Love: Broke Widow

Courtney Love

Kurt Cobain’s widow claimed that approximately $20 million was stolen from the vast fortune she inherited from the late musician’s estate. Things got so bad that she was forced to borrow $2.75 million from her daughter’s trust fund.

Chris Tucker: Rush Him Some Money

Chris Tucker

Comedian Chris Tucker was so in demand that he was able to negotiate a $25-million film deal for Rush Hour 3, which made him the highest paid actor in Hollywood at the time. Only 3 years later he owed $11 million in back taxes and was forced to sell two Florida mansions and another home in L.A. to pay back his debts.

Sinbad: Shazam


The funnyman who starred in movies and TV was forced to filed for bankruptcy for the second time in April 2013. Sinbad owed debts of about $11 million, $8 million of which stemmed from back taxes.

Dionne Warwick: Say a Little Prayer

Dionne Warwick

With more than 60 charted singles, album sales totaling more than 100 million copies worldwide, two children’s books, a best-selling autobiography, and a fragrance line, you’d assume she’d be doing pretty well for herself. Unfortunately, the legendary singer had to file for bankruptcy owing $10.7 million, mostly for taxes.

Toni Braxton: Singing for Pennies

Toni Braxton

One of the best-selling recording artists of the 1990s, but due to various difficulties she was forced to file for bankruptcy twice. Suffering from Lupus, Braxton lost over 50 million dollars because she wasn’t able to perform scheduled shows in Las Vegas. She also complained that her first recording contract simply didn’t cover her expenses.

Janice Dickinson: Super Broke

Janice Dickenson

The world’s first supermodel, Janice Dickinson filed for bankruptcy after falling nearly $1 million in debt with unpaid taxes and plastic surgery bills. It was a decade’s worth of debt. She was a former judge on America’s Next Top Model.

Margot Kidder: Crashed to Earth

Margot Kidder

Kidder, starred as Lois Lane in the 1970s, playing opposite Christopher Reeves in a series of Superman films. She was the beauty that dated famous people such as comedian Richard Pryor and Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. Sadly, Kidder suffered from schizophrenia and depression. She ended up sleeping in a cardboard box in a yard in Los Angeles in the 1990s. It took many years but she finally got her act together and is an off-the-grid but happy grandmother.

Brett Butler: No Grace for the Addicted

Brett Butler

The Golden Globe-nominated actress, who struggled with drug addiction, went broke after her 1993-98 sitcom ended its run on ABC. But it still came as a shock when the Grace Under Fire actress became homeless in 2011. Today she says she has her habit under control and has made a small comeback and managed to nab a few TV roles.

Erin Moran: Happy Days Ended Too Soon

Erin Moran

The Happy Days star was so poor that she was kicked out of her trailer park home and ended up being homeless. It started in 2012, when Moran went bankrupt and was evicted from her home in California. After that unfortunate event, she was forced to move into a trailer park. She lived there for a few years before being kicked out. She died of throat cancer at the age of 56, penniless.

Shane Filan: Singing for His Supper

shane filan

Shane Filan Facebook

The Westlife singer had to declare bankruptcy immediately following a successful farewell tour. Apparently, he got wiped out when his property investments went south. The problems started when the property crash of 2009 struck wiped out his properties in Ireland. He was forced to sell literally everything he owned as the banks demanded their money back. The singer is currently performing a string of shows in Indonesia and Vietnam to help him get back on his feet financially.

Teri Polo: Meet the Red

Teri Polo

The “Meet The Parents” actress filed for bankruptcy in 2014. She accrued debts of approximately $1 million. Additionally, a law suit was brought against her because she stopped paying her $6,500 rent on a home in Manhattan Beach and left it in a “disgusting, deplorable condition,” the lawsuit alleged. Polo’s eight pets ruined brand new carpets in the home by urinating on them, according to the lawsuit, however it’s since been dropped due to Polo’s bankruptcy.


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