Behind Every Great Actor Stands a Loving Family: Meet the Siblings of Our Favorite Actors

While some people enjoy the spotlight, others stay away from it. Well, that isn’t always the case with the siblings of celebrities , though, as many of them tried pursuing similar careers and failed. After all, it’s hard being in the shadow of the acclaimed stars. Nonetheless, these siblings provide the actors a relief from the stress that comes with being a celebrity, and a haven every time they feel like they need an escape from the madness and fast-paced life of Hollywood. And though many celebrities like to keep their personal lives out of the spotlight, they take great pride in their siblings and enjoy bragging about them occasionally or bringing them along on the red carpet for some moral support. This article reveals all the siblings that stand behind Hollywood’s biggest stars and made them who they are today.


Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt has a younger brother and sister. His brother Doug avoids the attention of the media, and so he is not as famous as his brother, but he’s somewhat of a celebrity himself – as a successful businessman, investor and philanthropist.

Turns out their parents did a really good job raising them, as all the Pitt siblings are people of values and engage in different humanitarian activities in Africa.