Behind every great actor stands a loving family: Meet the siblings of our favorite A-listers

While some people enjoy the spotlight, others shy away from it. Well, that isn’t always the case with the celebrities’ siblings, though, as many of them tried pursuing similar careers and failed. After all, it’s hard being in the shadow of the acclaimed stars. Nonetheless, these siblings provide the actors a relief from the stress that comes with being a celebrity, and a haven every time they feel like they need an escape from the madness and fast-paced life of Hollywood. And though many celebrities like to keep their personal lives out of the spotlight, they take great pride in their siblings and enjoy bragging about them occasionally or bringing them along on the red carpet for some moral support. This article reveals all the siblings that stand behind Hollywood’s biggest stars and made them who they are today.


Brad Pitt

Pitt has a younger brother and sister. His brother Doug avoids the attention of the media, and so he is not as famous as his brother, but he’s somewhat of a celebrity himself – as a successful businessman, investor and philanthropist.

Turns out their parents did a really good job raising them, as all the Pitt siblings are people of values and engage in different humanitarian activities in Africa.

Ashton Kutcher

The star of That 70s Show has a twin (but not identical) brother named Michael and an older sister. Michael Kutcher was born with cerebral palsy, and currently he is a businessman, a public speaker and an advocate for children with cerebral palsy.

Ashton Kutcher later revealed that growing up, he constantly tried to keep himself busy, as the situation at his house was very tense.

Tom Cruise

The renowned actor comes from a big family where he is the only boy; he has three sisters: Lee Anne, Marian and Cass.

Growing up as the only boy among thee sisters must not have been easy for Cruise, but he came out alright. A fact that is more commonly known about Cruise is that he follows the religious belief of Scientology.

Jennifer Lawrence

While Tom Cruise grew up surrounded by sisters, Hollywood sensation Jennifer Lawrence has two older brothers – Ben and Blaine.

Growing up with two older brothers, Lawrence admits that her mother wished for her to be “tough” like her brothers, and they did teach her how to be tough. After all, you have to be tough to succeed in this industry.


Rihanna is a proper family girl, and she has two younger brothers that she considers her hidden treasures – Rajad and Rorrey. She also has two half-sisters and a half-brother from her father’s previous relationships.

Growing up in proximity to her brothers and having to face many challenges throughout their childhood, to this day Rihanna is very close with her younger brothers.

Angelina Jolie

As the photo shows, Angelina Jolie is extremely close with her older brother James. You might not recognize him, but James Haven isn’t just Angelina Jolie’s older brother, he’s also in the show business, an actor and a producer.

This trait runs in the family, apparently, as their parents were both actors as well, and the siblings have actors as godparents. What’s the wonder both became Hollywood stars?

Emma Watson

Emma Watson’s younger brother might not have her talent for acting, but he’s just as good-looking as she is. That’s why when the siblings modeled for a Burberry campaign together, her brother stole the show.

Alex’s career consists mostly of modeling, but he also appeared as an extra in the two Harry Potter films where his sister had a starring role. Next time you watch the movie, look for someone who looks like the male version of Emma Watson.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, also known in the industry as the Olsen Twins, took Hollywood by storm when they were only seven months old, starring in the beloved show Full House.

While the twins took over Hollywood, they never left a chance for their younger sister to fill in their shoes. The twin’s younger sister Elizabeth also leads an acting career, though she never had the breakthrough Full House provided her sisters.

Ryan Gosling

The charming actor has an older sister, Mandi, and after his parents’ divorce when he was 13 years old, he grew up with only his sister and mother as an influence, making him later admit that it made him “think like a girl.”

Since he was homeschooled, Gosling spent a lot of his childhood at home with his mother and sister, and he lacked a father figure. Perhaps that’s what fostered his gentle appearance.

Sylvester Stallone

Stallone acquired a name in Hollywood thanks to his early key roles in Rambo and Rocky. Turns out that talent runs in the family, as his younger brother is also a multi-talent: Frank Stallone is an actor, singer-songwriter and guitarist.

The brothers collaborated when Frank wrote music for several of his brother’s films, all box office hits. One of his songs featured in his brother’s hit film Staying Alive received Golden Globe and Grammy nominations.

Rami Malek

Did you know that Bohemian Rhapsody star has a twin brother? Neither did we. His name is Sami Malek, and much like their names suggest, they look like two drops of water.

The brothers also have an older sister, Yasmin. While often siblings choose a similar path in life, in the case of the Malek twins it couldn’t be any different – while Rami is a rising Hollywood star, Sami is an English teacher.

Chris and Liam Hemsworth

Luke Hemsworth is the third brother of the Hemsworth family, the eldest of three brothers. While he got his brothers’ good-looks and talent, he wasn’t as lucky in the height department.

The Australian brothers are all actors, and in case you were wondering why Luke seems familiar – you probably recognize him from the science fiction show Westworld.

Blake Lively

The lively actress has a big family, and though she values her privacy and tries to keep her personal life personal, it’s clear that she is very close with her family.

She has an older brother, two half-sisters and a half-brother, making a total of six children in this happy family. It seems as if growing up in a big family affected the actress and she wishes to make a big family of her own with actor Ryan Reynolds; the couple is now expecting their third child.

Maisie Williams

Much like her character in Games of Thrones, Maisie Williams is part of a big family (not as big as the Stark family, but close). Maisie is the youngest of four children.

As she is the youngest sister, Maisie became an aunt at the age of 19, after her older sister gave birth. She is very connected with her siblings and flaunts them on every opportunity she gets.

Scarlett Johansson

Hollywood’s sweetheart comes from a big family – she has an older sister, who’s incidentally also an actress, an older brother, and a twin brother – Venessa, Adrian and Hunter.

As you can guess by the photo, her twin brother isn’t identical. Following his sister, Hunter dipped his toes into acting, but his twin sister had apparently gotten all the talent for acting in the family.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman’s younger sister is also a celebrity, but of a different kind than her sister. While Nicole Kidman swept Hollywood by storm, her sister Antonia chose the career of a journalist.

Antonia is just as successful in her field as her older sister, and she won several awards for her skills as a journalist. Apparently, the younger sister is kind of a marvel sister: she also wrote acclaimed parenting books and starred in yoga tutorials.

Demi Lovato

If Demi Lovato’s baby sister seems familiar to you, it’s because she is no other than Eva Longoria’s daughter, Juanita Solis, in Desperate Housewives.

If you’re struggling to see the family resemblance, it’s because Madison De La Garza is Demi Lovato’s half-sister, from her mother’s side. unlike her older sister who pursued a career as a singer-songwriter, Madison is currently on the brink of an acting career.

Alec Baldwin

Meet the Baldwin Clan: Alec, Daniel, William and Stephen. Those are just the brothers; Alec’s extended family includes three more professional actors.

Yes, Alec Baldwin grew up with three brothers – all of them are now actors! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and all the brothers stayed very close to the tree by choosing the same profession. While Alec is the most famous of the four brothers, they are all endowed with many talents, as all the Baldwin brothers are actors, writers and producers.

Gisele Bundchen

Perhaps the most famous of the Victoria’s Secret Angels, the Brazilian supermodel is one out of five sisters; she has three older sisters and a fraternal twin, Patricia. Imagine what it must’ve been like growing up in this girly house.

 The supermodel is extremely close with her sisters, particularly with her twin Patricia. While she’s the only one of the five sisters in the spotlight, she makes sure her sister’s faces are also known to the public by featuring them on her Instagram account.

Jared Leto

Though Jared and his brother Shannon are members in the same rock band – 30 Seconds to Mars – somehow Jared received all the fame (maybe thanks to his acting career?). Yes, Jared’s older brother is the talented drummer behind the band’s success.

Shannon Leto isn’t only the group’s drummer, but he’s also a talented songwriter. Following his brother’s footsteps, he attempted acting in a few minor roles in film and television but realized he should probably leave acting to his younger brother.


Not only is Beyoncé’s younger sister a singer as well, but she was also part of Beyoncé’s musical group Destiny’s Child. She wasn’t a singer back then, though, but a backup dancer. Still, she shared some performances with her older sister.

Solange Knowles is almost as talented as her sister – she’s a singer and songwriter, a dancer and actress, but somehow, she was always left under the shadow of her sister. Well, Beyoncé’s is one shadow that’s hard to compete it.

Lily Allen

Not many know this, but Lily Allen’s song Alfie is based on her brother – Alfie Allen, and not one bit of it is made up. This same brother Alfie, who was pretty much anonymous when her song was released, is now known as Theon Greyjoy.

Yes, the one and only Theon Greyjoy is the younger of the British singer-songwriter Lily Allen. His sister’s song has a lot more meaning to it now that GOT put him under Hollywood’s spotlight.

Rachel McAdams

The renowned actress has two younger siblings – sister Kayleen and brother Dan, both accomplished and successful in their fields. Her sister is a makeup artist, and incidentally, she’s the one in charge of Rachel’s makeup in her productions!

That’s right, Kayleen McAdams is a celebrity makeup artist. Her inspiration to pursue this profession was the makeup her sister had in the film that put her in the spotlight – The Notebook.

Robert Pattinson

Elizabeth (Lizzy) Pattinson is not just the sister of Hollywood’s favorite vampire, but she is also a singer and songwriter. Robert is the youngest in the family, Lizzy is the middle child, and they have an older sister – Victoria.

Fun fact – Robert and Lizzy corroborated when she recorded the background vocals for the vampire saga that put her brother on the Hollywood map.

Jonas brothers

We all know the three famous members of the family, Joe, Nick and Kevin – the three charming brothers who swiped millions of fans off their feet when they were merely teenagers.

But not many know that the three brothers are part of a larger family, and they actually have another younger brother – Frankie. While he was too young to be a part of the band, perhaps some of you recognize him from the Disney Channel where he appeared in several shows alongside his brothers.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is the older sister of the actor Austin Swift (don’t sweat it if you’ve never heard of him, we haven’t either).

As the case with many other A-list celebrities, their siblings usually struggle to outshine their success, and they are doomed to remain in their shadow. But nonetheless, they bear no grudge and support them to no end.

Adam Levine

The acclaimed singer and songwriter is known for his unique voice and rugged look, so if his brother is just as good-looking as he is, how come we’ve never heard of him?

Adam Levine and his younger brother are very close since childhood, though they had their fair share of rivalry and feuds, as any normal siblings do.  

Zac Efron

Efron’s big break came with his role in the teenager his High School Musical, and ever since he’s been breaking the hearts of teenage girls around the world.

But not to worry, for all the girls out there dreaming about the unachievable star – did you know he has a younger brother? His brother’s name is Dylan, and Zac indicates that as his childhood was calmer than his, he helps to keep him grounded.