Outstanding Single Celebrity Moms


Credit: @Malin with her son Sebastian and her father

Malin Akerman

When Malin Akerman’s son Sebastian was just 4 months old, her husband, actor Roberto Zincone left her. Divorce after so many years of being a couple was harsh Akerman admitted in an interview, “You can’t control life. I roll with the punches. And ultimately, it’s like, ‘Where is the opportunity in this?’ And that’s been a nice way to look at it. Like, oh my God, I get to have so much special time with my son now.” Actor Tom Arnold lashed out at Zincone for leaving Malin with a young child. He said, “She’s a single mom. I have so much respect for her. She is such an amazing woman. You know, her husband, they’re together 10 years, they have a baby, [and] four months in, he’s like, ‘I’m done.’ So, she not only pays him alimony to take care of this guy, but I watched her as a mother, and I was like, ‘This is the most inspiring woman. I’m not gonna complain about anything in my life.’ Because she is incredible.”

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