Outstanding Single Celebrity Moms


Credit: @Emerson Tenney

Teri Hatcher

Desperate Housewives actress, Teri Hatcher is the proud mother of daughter Emerson Tenney. When Teri and her husband divorced in 2003 Emerson was just five years old, leaving Teri with the day to day parenting responsibilities. “I’m really clear about my priority in my life – it’s being a mom. I have enough difficulty balancing doing the show for ten and a half months with being a mom the way I want to be,” the actress revealed in an interview with UK’s Easy Living magazine. 53-year-old Teri says she realizes she faces the same hurdles as other working moms. “I think that’s a fairly common struggle for women – our guilt about motherhood and our lack of ability to participate and having to feel like we’ve got to work.”

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