Inspiring Single Celebrity Moms

It’s isn’t easy being a mother, especially when you are trying to raise kids by yourself. It is even harder when doing it in the spotlight under the scrutiny of fans and strangers. Therefore, we celebrate these celebrity moms who are giving their all to be the best they can be.

Credit: @Joker Lover

Michelle Williams

It started out like a fairytale romance, Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger met and fell in love on a movie set and went on to have a child together in 2005. But tragedy struck when the Australian actor died from a drug overdose in 2008, leaving Michelle a single mom to two-year-old Matilda Rose. With courage and grace, Michelle and her little cutie pie, who resembles her father, have built a life for themselves and are often spotted in NYC with all of the other cool families. This down-to-earth single mom admits she sometimes suffers from burnout. In an interview, she said, “It’s a real luxury to have a moment when I’m not scrambling. I feel like most of my life, I’m trying to do two things at once, both to the best of my abilities. So that leaves me feeling pretty exhausted.”


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