Shakira’s congratulatory message to Malala

There are so many memorable events that took place round the world in this out going 2014. One of them is Malala winning the Nobel peace prize, setting a record as the youngest person ever to win Nobel Prize. Below is the congratulatory message from Shakira to Malala!

I want to send my most heartfelt congratulations to Malala, who accepted her well-deserved Nobel peace prize yesterday. It’s a huge honor to have been thought of by her on such a significant day in her life.

Malala represents the generation that can truly be the one to see through putting an end to inequality in education. It gives me great hope to know that someone so young can have such vision for the future, and a voice that resonates with many of us.

From Malala:

Share this video and tag 3 inspiring people who will work with us in 2015 to see ‪#‎TheLast‬. I call upon Shakira, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Kailash satyarthi to join. Who will join us? Let this be the last time that we see a child deprived of education.

Let this end with us.

She’s been able to connect with and rally people of all ages around the issue of providing access to education for all, irrespective of social status, race, income or whatever conditions a person may be born into. She is a true inspiration to us all, a one of a kind young woman with the sort of passion and courage that this world needs more of.

Malala accepted her Nobel prize with these words: “Let this be the last time that a child remains out of school. Let this end with us.”

If you agree, share this video and tag three friends who inspire you. Working together, we can begin to see ‪#‎TheLast‬ in 2015. Three people who inspire me:

– Howard G Buffett (40 Chances) — for his courage to go to the most remote places on earth on a crusade for equality.
– Matthew Bishop (author of Philanthrocapitalism) —someone who has influenced my thinking on how business leaders can be determinants in eradicating poverty
– All the kids at my Fundación Pies Descalzos schools, who persevere in achieving their dreams inspire me every day.


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