Popular Mexican actress Lorena Rojas is dead


Popular Mexican actress and singer Lorena Rojas died yesterday February 16, 2015 at her home Miami her talent agency Latin WE confirmed.  News of her passing quickly became viral and a worldwide trend on Twitter. The 44-year-old actress had been battling with cancer and she lost the fight.

“Lorena, who with bravery defied the sickness at different stages since 2008, had her last breath placidly in her home, surrounded by the love of her family members, her boyfriend and her closest friends.”

Lorena Rojas was an actress that worked on different networks, starting her career in Televisa and moving to Argos, TV Azteca, Telemundo and Venevision. One of her most notable appearances was on “Alcanzar Una Estrella,” which then led her to her first lead role on “Canción De Amor” opposite Eduardo Capetillo.

It was precisely this work where her character Ana suffered from cancer and ultimately died at the end of the soap. Her character leaves a video for her daughter that is then played during different birthdays, so she could know how much her mother loved her. This only becomes more real as Rojas does leave behind a young child that she adopted. Lorena Rojas has left a legacy thanks to her work on television and we will honor her work with the best of her telenovelas. Watch the intros of some of her leading roles here:

1. “Canción De Amor” Love song (1996): The telenovela she starred opposite Eduardo Capetillo was inspired by music. In the soap Rojas played Ana, a ballerina dancer. The finale of this series was extremely dark as the protagonist loses her battle with cancer.

2. “Tentaciones” Temptations (1998): Looking for new opportunities, Rojas jumped ship to TV Azteca and worked on this Argos production. The controversial telenovela was about a woman that falls in love with a priest. It caused so much noise, in a country that is very Catholic, that it had to be cut short due to its negative impact.

3. “El Candidato” The Candidate (1999): Another controversial telenovela about a Presidential candidate, that hit too close to home it had to be cut short.

4. “Como En El Cine” Like In The Movies (2001): A huge hit for Lorena Rojas, with this telenovela about a woman that is a psychologist during the day and bartender at night.

5. “Ladrón De Corazones” Thief Of Hearts  (2003): Starring opposite Manolo Cardona, this was Lorena’s first telenovela for the Telemundo network, filmed in México. The telenovela center around her character, a police officer, that falls in love with a criminal.

6. “El Cuerpo Del Deseo” Second chance (2005): Another hit for the actress, this telenovela was one of the first hits Telemundo had with a production filmed in Miami about a man that dies, but reincarnates in another man’s body. Rojas also sang the theme song.

7. “Pecados Ajenos” sins Ajenos (2007): This production was another success for the network starring Lorena Rojas and shot in Miami.

8. “Entre El Amor y El Deseo” Between Love and Desire (2010): After taking some time off due to health reasons, Rojas returned to Mexico with TV Azteca in this co-production with Globo. The ambitious telenovela was not a hit, but the work was beautiful.

9. “Rosario” (2013): Rosary  Her last telenovela was with Venevision and Univision.


Source: Latin Times


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