Photos: The accident Beckham and son survived

David Beckham was picking up his oldest son, Brooklyn, from Arsenal’s under 16 training when he collided with another car. The accident left Beckham hurt on the shoulder, gratefully, Brooklyn was on unhurt as the driver’s side was severely damaged.

The other car? You only need to see it yourself.

beckham 2Beckham’s son Brooklyn has playing with Arsenal’s Academy, and Beckham has been giving all the support he needs. Dropping and picking him from training is one of such supports.

Meanwhile, the occupants of the other car, a woman and her daughter, were lightly hurt, and have been taken to a hospital where they got treated.

Beckham was treated at the spot because his injury was minor.

Eyewitnesses reported that Arsenal staff dispersed onlookers from the scene, while Beckham gives his jumper to the woman. Nevertheless, Brighton youngsters took to Twitter to report the incident.

Most times, accident is not just about bad road, many factors could be responsible for accident – speeding, drunkenness, or even carelessness. A split seconds of absent mindedness could lead to a fatal accident.

We are so happy that nothing bad happened to Mr Beck and son. We wish the women involved quick recovery!

Pictures have emerged of the aftermath of David Beckham's road accident on Saturday, which happened after the former footballer picked up his son, Brooklyn, from an Arsenal under-16s match north of London


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