Peter Psquare In A Serious Fight With Elder Brother Jude

Peter this morning took to his Twitter page to disassociate P-Square from his elder brother Jude Okoye who has been managing the artistes for many years saying Psquare is only Peter and Paul. He said he has kept quite over their misunderstanding for four years now and he can’t bear it anymore.

The music star also went ahead to warn anybody that want to do business with Psquare that they shouldn’t contact their brother in his words: “Pls who so ever makes any transaction with Northside Entertainment or Jude Okoye on Psquare’s behalf does so at their own risk.”

Jude Okoye
Psquare elder brother Jude Okoye

Peter also stressed that Psquare has the right to sack the entire management team irrespective of whom so ever that is involved business is business.

Some fans are already taking sides with some calling out Peter for taking the matter public on Twitter. One of the commenter on Linda Ikeji Blog has this to say about Peter, he said ” Like you will do better without ur brothers, what do you know (fool) you know nothing, you can’t even write a song, every song P-square released was written and composed by PAUL. You are just there for show. That’s how you fail to make common 1gp in Uni-Abuja, you were placed on probation for 2 good years b4 you were expelled, but your brother Paul continued and finished and got his certificate. Now that he has established your sorry ass, try and leave the group, I promised you that what happened to you in 2003 (Uni-Abuja) will surly repeat its self, this time you will be expel by ur brothers. You are just leaving on ur brother PAUL’s Glory, many might not know this but few of us that schooled with you know you too well. Olodo”.

Well, we just hope everything settles in peace.



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