P-Square Net Worth Is Now 128 Million Dollars, See How They Made It

There have been ongoing debates whether P-Square net worth is up to 128 million dollars, with some making comparisons with other US stars such Chris Brown, Tyga, and the rest. Some questioned how could P-Square net worth be more than that of some of the American stars? These underline the general perception by most Africans, that once you are from America or Europe you are automatically in wealth. The reason African youths die in the Sahara Desert in thousands every years in effort to cross over to wealth. But let’s look at some facts about P-Square and their net worth.

P-Square charges between $150,000 to $300,000 per show across Africa, making them the most expensive artistes in Africa by miles. Not only that, they are also the most booked musicians in Africa especially around Christmas time when they are usually in the highest demand due the increased number of show activities across the continent.

Album sales, music downloads, loyalties, ad revenues, all of these collectively brings in average of $10 million per annum which is also the highest by any musical group in Africa.

P-Square owns record labels (Square Record, Northside Entertainment, and P Classic) and manages other upcoming artistes. These companies worth about $30 dollars collectively.

P-Square owns bottled water company and fruit juice production company that are fully operational in Nigeria. These two companies worth about $15 million and will worth more in the coming years when they hit full capacity utilization and production.

Other businesses exists in Africa which they have interest in. These includes, oil and gas business as well as liquor production company said to be located in Congo DR.

And with six very successful albums and still counting, another highest by any musician in Africa, you will have no doubt whatsoever than to accept that P-Square net worth is $128 million or even more.

Musically Chris Brown and other American stars may slightly worth more but business wise, P-Square worth more. as but the truth is that they worth more than that.

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  1. yes.p square is best and they shall always be the best.and also with davido.wizkid na wizcat

    mad wiz.very soon wizcat go reach 30.amen oh

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