P-Square Finally Split Up? End Of The Road For The Africa’s Best

What started 11 years ago has finally come to the end as P-Square splits up, bring to a close – one of the finest chapter in African music. It is yet official but every indication points to the direction that change is in the horizon, that soon, what used to be the biggest music group in Africa will become a history. We wish it never come to this but there is nothing we can do at this time to stop the impending hurricane from happening.

How this started, we do not know for sure but if you can remember, the friction in the family seem to have started four years ago when Jude, the elder brother and the manager objected to Peter’s marriage to Lola. To confirm this, Jude Okoye was completely absent in both the court and traditional marriage of Peter and Lola, sighting delay in flight as the reason which many found flimsy and idiotic. In retaliation, Peter also stayed away from Jude’s traditional marriage and white wedding.

These disagreements and subsequent marriage to Lola Omotayo turned out to be the tonic behind the disaffection in the family that ultimately resulted to the final breakup of the P-Square.

It was alleged that the two brothers, Peter and Paul engaged in physical fight over the sharing formula for their revenue and the determination of who take what in the group.


Sometime last year, Paul went on Instagram to list number of songs he composed, produced, and sang, alleging he is the brain behind all P-Sqaure songs. This has lead to some tagging Peter “The Lead Dancer of P-Square group”. Most of P-Square fans did not find this in good taste and went on to condemn the act as capable of disintegrating the units.

In the series of Tweets Peter posted before the breakup, Peter alleges his brothers, Paul and Jude used to do business behind his back and he found out. This means Paul and Jude have been shortchanging Peter for a while by hiding some parts of their business dealings from him and keeping the proceeds to themselves.

Some years back, Peter wanted to sign Cynthia Morgan to his P-Classic Entertainment Group but his brother, Jude sidelined him and signed Cynthia instead to his own Northside Entertainment Inc, a major stab in the back that did not go down well with Peter. Cynthia Morgan went on to become a hit, releasing hit after hit and becoming a household name in Nigeria and Africa.

If this breakup rumor happens, that will be the biggest music breakup in Africa till take and will hold the record for years to come.


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