Oprah: The Next President?

A television star as President of the United States used to be relatively laughable. Now, it’s reality, and that means more celebrities than ever before are considering running for the highest office in the country. One name that’s been thrown into the hat for 2020 is Oprah Winfrey. Winfrey spoke about the importance of the #MeToo movement at the Golden Globe Awards recently, and her rousing speech has people all over the country wondering if she has what it takes to lead the country. Of course, some people don’t believe the pros of Oprah for president outweigh the cons so we are going to review both the pros and cons and let you decide.

Advantages of Winfrey for President

Oprah for President


The advantages of seeing Oprah Winfrey as president of the country are subjective. Nonetheless, there are many of them. First, and in many eyes, foremost, Winfrey owns an empire. This means she has the capital and the cloud to launch her own presidential bid, a choice that will be made even more advantageous if she chooses not to accept donations, either.

For others, the most important advantage to Winfrey running for president is her uncanny ability to connect with all types of people. Her fans span all races and genders, not to mention financial and cultural backgrounds.

One reason she connects with so many types of people is that she is genuinely interested in her humanitarian efforts. Winfrey is known for standing up for human rights and equality for the poor, women and children. While doing this, she also teaches that while everyone deserves a helping hand, they should also be willing to be the key to their own happiness and success.

Disadvantages of Winfrey for President

Oprah for President?

While there are several disadvantages to finding Oprah Winfrey’s name on the 2020 tickets, the largest one is that, like the current president, she has absolutely no political experience. From the outside, politics may look like a lot of speech-giving and charisma. And some of it is. But politics also requires intricate knowledge of laws and customs not just in the United States but in other countries. Without a strong understanding of foreign policy, she’d be nearly useless as a president.

Some people feel there are other red flags as well. Winfrey has a long history of inviting people like Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil and Jenny McCarthy to her stages. This may not seem like an issue on the surface, but all three are known for some problematic beliefs. Dr. Phil’s therapy tactics are often considered to be dangerous to the health of people trying to overcome addiction. Many of the remedies and diets Dr. Oz promotes have long been proven ineffective and even dangerous by other doctors and scientists. Finally, Jenny McCarthy believes her child’s autism was caused by vaccinations and speaks loudly against these life-saving shots.

Finally, like President Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey owns multiple companies. Trump was chastised for not stepping down from his, so shouldn’t we expect the same of Winfrey? Will we speak out if she doesn’t step down?

The Final Verdict

Stedman and Oprah

The truth is that it’s too early to know what will happen. While Winfrey’s partner, Stedman Graham has claimed she would run, Oprah has recently stated in an interview with Instyle Magazine that she doesn’t have the “DNA for it”.  But oftentimes these things change as circumstances change.

Only time will tell. Leave your comments below.

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