Michael Jordan joins the billionaires club

The 52-year-old owner of the Charlotte Hornets, according to Forbes, is worth Michael Jordan is worth $1 billion (Sh91 billion) joining the rich list as the 1,741st richest person in the world. The amount Jordan makes in a year now is more than the money he made in total salary during his NBA career.

“Most of his cash comes from Nike payouts on his iconic brand Air Jordan,” wrote Forbes.

“The Jordan brand grossed an estimated $2.25 billion (Sh190 billion) in 2013, earning his Airness some $90 million (Sh8.1 billion). But his most valuable asset is his stake in the Charlotte Hornets, worth more than $500 million (Sh45.5 billion).

Jordan is making big bucks despite having retired 12 years ago.

According to ESPN, Jordan’s business manager Estee Portnoy refused to comment on the Forbes list saying; “We did not comment nor participate in the financial guesstimates.”


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