Lindsay Lohan Transformes From Christianity To Islam?

Lindsay Lohan
lindsay lohan

Lindsay Lohan is learning the Koran in earnest and she is not hiding it, the Hollywood actress was seen carrying a on the first day of her community service at a New York kids' centre The Sun report.


Lindsay Lohan carrying the Koran

Lindsay confirmed that she is studying the religion in an interview with The Sun she said: "I'm a very spiritual person and I'm really open to learning.

"America has portrayed holding a Koran in such a different way to what it actually is.

"We all believe in something and at the end of the day it all ties to a god or a spiritual adviser."

"We all have a similar belief in whatever it may be personally.

"My sister is Buddhist but she is still interested in learning other things from me. It's good to be open-minded," she further revealed.

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