Linda Ikeji Suffers A Major Personality Dent Over Hermes Birkin Bag

It is going down right now on Twitter and Instagram. That Linda Ikeji spent almost $50,000 (N15 million) for two Hermes Birkin luxury hand bags and they turn out to be fake according to rumors. What Hermes Birkin is, I don’t know, in fact, I had to even google the correct spelling.

The biggest mistake Linda made in this matter was replying the haters. If it was me, I’d quietly contact the bag makers and the person I bought it from, confirm from both before replying anyone if I had to. And the replies should be solid and final, not “I am too rich to buy fake” or “I have more than 100 bags and could spot fake with eyes closed” sort of reply.

The bag look very original to me but people who seemed too interested in seeing the end of it made inquiries to find out if the bag is fake, and according to the replies they got from Hermes Birkin, it seems those bags may just be fake. That means Linda may have been duped by unscrupulous marketers. But instead of people sympathizing with her, a good number of Nigerians are currently taking advantage of the situation to call out Linda on Twitter and Instagram. Find below some of the comments (some outrageous) directed to Linda Ikeji on Instagram over the alleged fake Hermes Birkin bags.

Linda Ikeji Hermes Birkin Bag
Linda Ikeji Hermes Birkin Bag

emmyrateYou bought a bag for such ridiculous amount and there are children dying in the IDP camps here in the North East.. Come at me for saying this but the last time I checked bags are just bags and uve got hundreds of them.. We are suppose to be Christians love is all we preach…

babalolaaschorMy informal write up to you @officiallindaikeji : Titled ; I BET YOU NEVER KNEW THERE’S AN ENTIRE UNIVERSE INSIDE OF YOU … @lindaikeji I appreciate your achievement, but i would appreciate you make it a genuine success by positioning yourself as an influencer… Impact your audience, awaken the minds of our youths to the ills in their society, spend less time trying to make them see how reach you are, spend more time to positively influence their under performing sense of reasoning… They say the internet was built to make the world a smaller place, but in actual fact, the world looks smaller without it… Think like a man, act like a lady, the internet is your world, use it wisely and not like an ordinary girl who got famous overnight …. Cheers!

tessladiva@illiest231 just shut up I dnt need to learn noting from one arrogant lady who thinks she can brag about her wealth I need to learn from people like Oprah even with so much wealth material things like bags don’t freak her it’s not an achievement….it’s obvious you also the type that brags..other people seeing reasons to what I initially wrote so why are you tagging me Mr busy attention seeker!!!

belcisca$12000 s not 11million naira its roughly 2.5/3m naira ….@officiallindaikeji is not @tybello so stop comparing she doesn’t have to make a bread seller a model to show she is helping pipo. N FYI her bio says for fashion tips stay glued so y can’t she post her bags here n if the bag is $12000 she can totally afford it ..most of u here r from wealthy homes too what have your family done for others? @lauraikeji might be celebrating being transformed from grass to grace but is non of y’alls biz I might not comment on her posts but I watch her videos n she never stops thanking God for his grace upon her family…get a life pls

tessladiva@illiest231 come forgot which bag…why is she bragging about it? is she the only celebrity to buy a designers bag? better don’t tag me again

rahchellinPeople can be so mean…. Ya’ll forgot omolomo just took a picture of her bags and uploaded it “without the price tag” in quote. It was some stupid lowlife who started the fake bag shit… These re the people who ll celebrate their bday in a motel with 10cakes they bought for theirselves and start forming big girl. Meanwhile u are all ready to stab someone who has nothing against you. What happened to seeing a picture and pass without making your fellow wanna commit suicide. Ya’ll will reach the throne of judgment and ll be accused of murder and you ll be surprised… It’s fake it’s not fake she ll rock it and u ll stay in your retarded room thinking of what your next meal is… Before throwing a shade think about you being in the shoes of the person.

proudnaijaaFirst of all. Marriage is not an accomplishment , there are very many people who flew into marriage and are regretting t now. Stop using marriage to insult her. If she choses to wait to find Mr right. Secondly , I find no big deal in her tale. Unfortunately brand name mean a lot to you Nigerians. Abroad everyone is equal the richest people take the subway even with a fancy car in their garage. Wealth can only take you so far. When someone feels the need to buy and show off on social media then they are lacking a very essential part in their life which is happiness behaviours like these are to cover up what is truly missing. While good taste is good there should be no hating on what she chooses to buy with her money and even who she choses to give. However it is her pride that is disgusting. What is i am rich enough to buy etc i have a mansion blablabla. Empty barrels make the most noise. The richest people in this world don’t speak for wealth , wealth speaks for them. You don’t see mark Zuckerberg snapping his wristwatch or fancy cars in his garage he wears simple cotton tops he doesnt have to sound his trumpet even kanye west the great and mighty is asking for funds from him thats how it should be. OlaJumoke a humble bread seller had her story turning overnight. Dont be the one to take her place with your pride. Pride comes before a fall! A word is enough for the wise my sister.

olamigood1Oluwalinda just d way I like to call you @officiallindaikeji I don’t care if the bag is fake all I know is u are a successful woman and am happy for you . Oluwalinda can make $1 dress look like $10k dress cos the success is written all over her . Haters are gonna hate , I buy a lot of first grade from china but if them born anybody’s mama or papa come hold me n ask me if it is fake or not . Some of you can’t even afford to travel from Lagos to Togo not to talk of traveling to china to buy fake bags. Oluwalinda please carry on jare . ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Linda Ikeji Hermes Birkin Bags
Linda Ikeji Hermes Birkin Bags


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