Kim Kardashian Finally Responds To Headlines Saying She Ignores North As she Fell Down

Kim Kardashian has finally responds to the headlines saying she abandoned her daughter when she fell down some weeks ago.

The mother of two took to her website on Tuesday to clear the negative reports titled “Kim Kardashian ignores North West as she stumbles to the ground,”.

“North was was just playing around and didn’t fall at all.

“North does this thing where she – if people are holding her hands she’s just wants to be like, ‘Swing me, carry me’. She didn’t stumble, she was just playing around so she didn’t stumble.

“It was a picture of me not looking at her. I was like, ‘Northy, come on, stop,’ and so I got my keys and I went to look forward and they got the picture of her being silly and her messing around and they were like, ‘Kim doesn’t even look around and she doesn’t even care,’ but she was just being silly.” She said.


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