Justin Bieber Have The Highest Average Retweets In Twitter History

Twitter is one of the biggest medium to measure people’s influence especially celebrities worldwide. How many Twitter followers you have is determined by how popular you are and how popular you are is proved by the number of Twitter followers you have. But it doesn’t just stop there, how people engage with your Tweets is even a step ahead in proving your popularity. And who holds the crown when it comes to Twitter engagement?

It is none other than the Canadian Prince himself, Justin Bieber and no one is even close in that competition, not even the president of the United States of America, Barack Obama nor the Princess of Barbara, Katy Perry.

Justin Bieber gets 40k average retweets per single tweet even if it’s just “Good Morning” he tweeted, it got to be retweeted 40,000 times! Now let’s have a look at the top 10 most followed people on Tweeter and see how they are retweeted.

Top 10 Twitter accounts
Top 10 most followed people on Twitter and the average engagements | Image credit: Twiplomacy.com

Measuring the influence in the average number of retweets an account receives per tweet. Looking at the Top 10 most followed Twitter accounts we can see a large discrepancy between their actual effectiveness. While Katy Perry has the most followers, her tweets are only retweeted 3,331 times on average, a far cry from Justin Bieber who garners more than 54,000 retweets for every tweet he sends.

With this, it safe to say that Justin Bieberhas the the title for the most expensive tweets in the world. Remember a single tweet from Cristiano Ronaldo is valued at more than $200,000 with average retweets of about 5,000. Could Justin Bieber’s worth as much as a million dollars? Tell us what you think.


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