Bono Net Worth And Biography

Bono net worth is $610 million, Bono musical career became successful when he joined the rock band U2, while he was still in High school. The rock band sang the hit songs ”Beautiful Day” which won them a Grammy award. The U2 band rose to fame due to their 6th album called ”The Joshua Tree”, the album gave the band more recognition all over the world. Bono as the rock band leader has been influential through his music, business ideas and in politics. Through his influences he was given an honorary Knighthood by the Queen of England Elizabeth II. In 2005 he was named the Person of the year by the Time Magazine.

Apart from his musical career, Bono is a man known for his charitable contributions to humanity all over the world. Especially that of Africa, he has helped promote Hiv/Aids awareness in Africa. Bono runs and supports many Non-government Organizations. He personally owns and runs an NGO in Africa called DATA, One Campaign and Product Red, which has aided in eliminating Hiv/Aids in Africa. Bono is one the top 10 richest musicians in the world

Bono Yacht
Bono Yacht

The U2 rock band has won many awards, starting from the Grammy, winning 22 Grammy Award, Brit award and Q Icon Award. Apart from singing, Bono is a very good businessman. He has invested in many companies and owns his business.

  Bono Investments And Business Ventures

The Elevation Partners: Bono is a Partner and a founder of this Equity firm Elevation Partners. The company specializes in investing its funds in Entertainment, property and the media. The company has a total asset of about $1.8 billion.

Clarence Hotel: It’s a five star hotel owned by Bono. The hotel is located in his homeland Ireland.

EDUN: EDUN is a fashion design company. Bono been the co-founder of the company has contributed largely to the success of the business. Their products like handbags, clothing and footwear’s are largely traded in Africa. The company makes over £7.2 million periodically.

Product Red: The Red company is owned by Bono. He had the opportunity to get his company endorsed with Bill Gates Microsoft computers, PCs and laptops and Steve Jobs products, with an amount going into millions. The aim of the endorsements is to help rise funds for charity.

Bono is  also a shareholder in Facebook social network company, making Bono net worth to be estimated at $610 million.

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