Elton John Net Worth And Biography

Elton John net worth $480 million, the singer, song writer, composer and a pianist started playing piano at a very young age. Before his he formed his band ”Bluesology”, Elton and his partner Bernie Taupin were composers under the Liberty records. They both were writing for prominent artiste such as The Hollies and Roger Cook. He later formed the band Bluesology in 1962. The group Released their first album in 1969, which gained U.S Top chart. In 1970, he became a solo artiste and released his first album titled ”Elton John”.  After the release of the album it topped many charts and became one of the best selling albums of all times.

Elton John Net Worth

Elton John hit song ”Can You Feel The Love Tonight” was used for the popular cartoon ”Lion King”, some other cartoons and movies that his songs as soundtracks include Friends, The Country Bears and Spice World. Elton John is not just singing to make money, he also is running a foundation called John AID Foundation, which aims at fighting against AIDS. Over $220 million has been invested by him into the foundation projects.

Elton John AIDS Foundation announces more than $3.2 million in Grants | Photo credit: queermeup.com
Elton John AIDS Foundation announces more than $3.2 million in Grants | Photo credit: queermeup.com

He still remains one of the most successful solo artiste of all times. All through his music career he has made a sale of over 22 million copies worldwide. He has won 6 Grammy awards, 4 Tony awards, 5 Brit awards and The Billboards Chart named him the best male solo artiste of all times. Elton John net worth is $480 million.

  Elton John’s Business Ventures

Watford Football Club: In 1976, he was appointed as the chairman of the English football club, because of his personal interest in football. He later invested in the club and at some point became the owner of the club. Through his contributions to the success of the club, he was able to make millions of dollars.

The Rocket Music Entertainment Group: Elton John is the co-founder of the record label, which aims at managing artiste. The company has been able to sign prominent artiste such as Ed Sheeran and James Blunt. Been the owner of the record label, he is making his millions, been the owner of the label.

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