Eedris Abdul Ka­reem reveals real reason Remedies broke up

Ex Remedies star, Eedris Abdul Ka­reem in an interview with Sunnews revealed real reason the group broke up and he also talked about the 50 cent saga.

Excerpts below..

Tell us about the De-Remedies, are you guys coming back together again?

Of course, we are coming back again. Right now we are working on a new album. Life is all about forgiving and forgetting; you just move on and forget the past

What really separated you guys?

If you ask me what caused the separation I will say nothing. We did 29 shows on the Rothmans Tour and when we were about to share the money, someone was like ‘guy, what is your contribution in this group?’ It was such a funny question. And then the guy changed his ways maybe because one of them wanted to go solo. I was not the one that brought the idea of separation. If you remember, one of us dropped his own single while we were still in the group. He even told me that one will do better going solo because whether I like it or not, one day, everybody will go solo. So I took up the challenge and I did my best. I was so close to both of them so basically we didn’t have any problem really.

Plantashun Boys came back and did an album yet they are not still together. Don’t you think the same thing could happen to Remedies?

Not at all. The reason why Plantashion Boyz could not make it was because they were not prepared; there was no love among them.

You are said to be one of the artistes that fought for Nigerian music industry and made it what is it today…

(Cuts in) Look, the moment 50 Cent came to Nigeria and asked me to stand up from that seat, I felt very bad. If I had not done what I did I am not sure I couldn’t have lasted two months before my death because the pain would kill me. Imagine the insult! Someone coming into my country and telling me ‘you gotta get up from that seat!’ Oh my God! You know what it means? It has spiritual implication. But I thank God for what happened because that has put food on the table of the new acts you see today. I fought for all of them and now they are chop­ping.

Do you have any regrets for what hap­pened between you and 50 Cent?

No, not at all. I have never regretted it; I am so happy I have been able to create employment for youths.


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