Drake And Ravie Loso Still In Relationship?

The Canadian born hip hop star, has been rumored to have been hanging out with his new girlfriend Ravie Loso, an Instagram model. Recently, Drake and Ravie Loso  were spotted, hanging out at Kendell Jenner’s birthday party, on Nov 2, 2015. Sources says they were caught leaving a private romantic dinner at the Nice Guy restaurant in West Hollywood.

There seems to be a thing going on between the two. Have you watched the ‘Hotline Bling’ video ? If you look closely she was featured in the Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ video, and Ravie Loso was seen in Drake’s Instagram photos. These evidences are good enough to show that the Canadian Star, is probably dating or having a relationship with her. It’s common with celebrities who are starting to get into a relationship.

Ravie Loso, the girl believed to be Drake's latest catch
Ravie Loso, the girl believed to be Drake’s latest catch

Not only did Drake take her out on a romantic dinner, she also tends to reciprocate her interest in her newly boy friend Drake, she once tweeted Drakes, rap lyrics ‘ever since I left the City you’ that’s from the Hotline Bling track. That is simply reciprocal.

But the twist here is, Drake has been rumored to have been once engaged to the Tennis star Serena Williams, in the past the two have been spotted kissing at a restaurant in Cincinnati, Ohio Canada and hanging out in event shows. I personally, have no doubt the two have been in an affair in time past. Though reportedly, E news said he clarified his relationship with Serena, saying ‘we were never engaged and never dated’.

Serena Williams on the other hand was said to be furious with Drake, saying Drake is only interested in her booty, and that he is not interested in her as a person. That statement speaks a lot, most especially with their inability to hang out these days. Apparently, she was reportedly having an affair with Reddit the Co-founder of Alexis Ohanian.  That obviously, answers the question of whether they are still in a relationship or not ? whatever it is, I wish Drake and Ravie Loso the best in their relationship.


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