I don’t mind being a second wife to Oge Okoye’s husband -Nkiru Sylvanus

There are more women than men and being a second wife should not be looked at as a taboo. that was the words of actress, Nkiru Sylvanus as she finally set to tie the notch with Stanley Duru, the husband of actress Oge Okoye and father of their two children. This is for real and not a Nollywood drama or play as you often have it.

The light skinned Nollywood actress, is already engaged to Stanley Duru and preparations are already down the way as the two are set to be finally declared husband and wife on the 31st December 2014 (today). The shocking news which has been flying around is still surprising to many onlookers.

Going down memory lane, the two actresses Oge and Nkiru were said to have started off as Enugu actresses and long before Oge allegedly met and started dating Stanley, he was already dating Nkiru and both were in a relationship that many thought would end up on the altar.

Nkiru was said to have been heart broken when she heard Stanley had allegedly married Oge but only found out after that Stanley paid Oge’s bride price after the birth of their first child together.

A few years back Oge Okoye allegedly had a scandal in Berlin which they say rocked the very foundation of the love she shared with Stanley, but they managed to put things back somehow as that did not lead to any eventuality of each going their separate ways then. Their marriage continued peacefully, but it however seemed like Stanley and Nkiru reconnected somehow and fell in love again and began plannig a wedding. It would be recalled that just recently, Nkiru made it known that she does not mind being a second wife because women are more than men.


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