David Haye arrested over alleged fraud offences in Dubai


Former world heavyweight champion David Haye was arrested and held in a cell over alleged fraud offences in Dubai.

Haye was stopped by police at Dubai International Airport and was quizzed by officers after a cheque, reportedly for around £341,000, bounced.

The cheque was reportedly for 1.8million Emirati Dirham as a final instalment on a newly-built property. The property company involved in the deal, Emaar, is part-owned by the Dubai government.

The 34-year-old has been stuck in Arab country for two weeks after having his passport seized by officers.

Haye has told The Sun that his name is clear.

He said: “The cheque was presented to the bank four days before I landed. It was not due to be presented until final completion of my property, which is due in a few weeks.

“This was an administrative error which is being rectified. I explained to the police and presented documents as proof. But I totally understand these mistakes can happen.”

Writing cheques that bounce is considered as a fraud offence in the United Arab Emirates – and can be punishable with jail or large fines.


Haye was taken to the Bur Dubai police station and was temporarily held, but was released on custody after he and two associates travelling with him agreed to give in their passports.


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