Cristiano Ronaldo Vs Albert Fantrau: True Story Or Hoax?

There is a popular story that have been going round on the internet for a while now. It is about a certain Albert Fantrau who the story claimed was responsible for Cristiano Ronaldo getting selected by one of his early teams and ultimately becoming the legend he is today. The story claimed that Albert scarified his own career to pave way for Ronaldo? Here it goes!

“I have to thank my old friend Albert Fantrau for my success. We played together for the same team in the U-18 championship. When a scout came to see us he said that “Whoever scores more goals will come into our academy.”

“We won that match 3-0. I scored the first goal then Albert scored the second with a great header. But the third goal was impressive for all of us.

Albert was one-on-one against the goalkeeper, he rounded the goalkeeper and I was running in front of him.
“All he had to do was to score that goal but he passed it to me and I scored the third goal, so I got that spot and went to the academy.

“After the match I went to him and asked him why? Albert said that “Because you (Cristiano Ronaldo) are better than me.”
Journalists then went to Albert’s house and asked him if it was a true story. He said yes.

He also said that his career as a player after the match ended and now is unemployed.
“But how did you build this house so great, you have a car? You seem like a rich man. You also able keep your family. From where did this come from? ‘

Albert more proudly replied: “It is from Cristiano Ronaldo!”

This is the story famously credited to Albert Fantrau about Cristiano Ronaldo and does it explains why Cristiano Ronaldo had to single him out of the crowd to share in his celebration of Real Madrid winning their 10th UEFA Champions League trophy. However they’ve been debate amongst football lovers whether it’s true or false.


Here Are Some Facts why It Is A False

  •  Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to Sporting is in no way resembled what the story says. In 1997, Cristiano Cristiano’s club at the time C.D. Nacional owed Sporting €22,500. They didn’t have the money so Rui Alves offered up Cristiano Ronaldo if Sporting forgot the debt. Sporting weren’t keen on the deal, paying that much for a 12 year old. So Nacional convinced a Sporting representative living in Madeira, Marques Freitas, to take him to the mainland and give Ronaldo a trial.  Find out more on 
  • Albert Fantrau would have been offside because Ronaldo was in front of the keeper, the actual rule is that you are offside if you are closer to the goal than the 2nd last defending team’s player when the ball is played, then you are offside.
  • Professional academies don’t make decisions about players based on how many goals they score. They look at the player’s first touch, awareness, fitness, game sense, receiving, passing etc.

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  1. CR ddnt say he was ahead the keeper and he said Albert passed the kepper with ball was left to score but he gave him to score ad the game for the sporting lisbon trail is in records and both Ronaldo and Albert are in the line up for

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